maandag 30 mei 2016

Cyber goth inspired make-up look

Hi everyone! It's been a while since I made a blogpost, mainly because I don't think every video I create should have one... Today's video is one of my current favorite make-up looks that I wanted to share with you all. Let me know what you think about it!

zondag 8 mei 2016

NYX Face Awards Belgium 2016 Entry - Red Glitter look

Today's video is my entry for the NYX Face Awards 2016 in Belgium. It's the very first time they are having the contest here in Belgium as well in lot's of country's they previously didn't. It is also the fifth edition of the US contest.

zaterdag 7 mei 2016

Gothified Colours - Black

I'm a bit behind with my blog on some posts, because I didn't have lots of time next to my job to both edit and write blogposts... So expect a tiny bit of backlog going up in the following days. Today's blogpost is one of a big collab on Youtube called 'Gothified colours' for which everyone of our group created a makeup look based upon a color. I got black.