vrijdag 22 april 2016

Tattoo Talk: The Healing (part 3)

In this post I will show you my healing progress after getting my first tattoo. I tough this might be helpful for those of you who are considering getting one, but don't know what to expect. In part one I explain how I found my design and in part two getting tattooed.

Day 1: getting the tattoo
9.00h appointment at the shop, making the design perfect
10.00h first line work, then black, shading and finally color
14.30h finished!
17.00h first time washing it at home + replacing plastic wrap
20.00h second time washing + plastic + going to bed

Overall feeling after getting my tattoo: it hurts! But after getting it, a part from my leg being a bit swollen and me walking weirdly from the plastic wrap, it was ok. The first time washing it, there was some ink still coming out with some blood (or red ink?). But the second time a part from a tiny bit of black, the water was running clean. I didn't have any problems at all with it (didn't hurt, didn't itch, was just a bit swollen), and the first people who saw it where really impressed.

Day 2: plastic wrap is a bitch!
9.00h washing + plastic wrap
12.00h washing + plastic wrap
16.00h washing + plastic wrap
20.00h washing + plastic wrap
22h going to bed

My overall feeling on day two was that plastic wrap sucks! It made my leg feel really gross and sticky. Especially trying to sleep with it was no fun at all. But this is really necessary since otherwise your clothes or bed sheets can get stuck into the healing tattoo and damage it when you try to remove them.

Day 3: no more plastic wrap!
9.30h: washing + applying easy tattoo for the first time
14.00h applying easy tattoo again
23.00h applying easy tattoo + going to bed

I noticed that my tattoo doesn't dry out as fast because I am mostly inside the house, and not being very active. It has started shedding a tiny bit, so small pieces of skin are coming off. It doesn't itch or feel painful.

Day 4: easy tattoo
9.00h got out of bed and applied some easy tattoo
14.00h applied some easy tattoo
23.00h washed my tattoo and noticed I started shedding more, applied easy tattoo and went to bed

The tattoo has started feeling more sensitive than it has been yesterday, some of the line work is a bit thick on my skin. When I apply the easy tattoo it feels a bit itchy and sure but not a lot. The pieces of skin are just stuck in the easy tattoo, and I don't remove them.

Day 5: shed my skin
10.00h woke up and applied some easy tattoo, shedding got worse
13.00h took a shower and washed my tattoo, shed a lot
17.00h applied a small amount of easy tattoo since I was leaving for a party
01.00h back from party, applied easy tattoo and went to bed

This is the day that my tattoo really shed a lot. I did not have any trouble not touching it, and I just cleaned it two times today (when taking a shower and before going to bed). It's important to try not to remove your skin that is coming off, this is going to damage your tattoo in the long run. So leave those skin flakes on, and be gentle when washing.

Day 6: the itch
10.00h woke up, applies easy tattoo, still shedding my skin
14.00h applied some more easy tattoo
20.00h applied easy tattoo and went to bed

Today my tattoo was still shedding, but especially itches a lot. Since this is a sign it is healing well, you should definitely not be worried, and most importantly not scratch it. If you do that, chances are that you will damage the ink in your skin and make your tattoo look gross in the end.

Day 7: Itchy scratchy
09.00h woke up and applied easy tattoo
15.00h took a shower, had a lot of skin coming off, after shower applied some easy tattoo
21.00h applied easy tattoo and went to bed

A part from when I took a shower a lot of skin came off, nothing special happened today.

Day 8: thick lines
08.00h woke up and applied easy tattoo
15.00h applied some easy tattoo
23.00h applies easy tattoo and went to bed

Today my tattoo is feeling a bit weird, as if the outlines are standing thicker on my skin.

Day 9: party time
10.00h woke up, took a shower and cleaned my tattoo, applied easy tattoo
16.00h applied easy tattoo
02.00h applied easy tattoo and went to bed

Since we went out, I applies my easy tattoo a bit later in the afternoon and before going to bed, but it did not feel dry at any time. I even took the easy tattoo with me in my purse just to be sure.

Day 10: after the party
11.00h woke up and applied easy tattoo
14.00h took a shower, cleaned tattoo and applied easy tattoo

My tattoo is still shedding a tiny bit, but it's looking really good. This is where I will stop the daily notes on my healing.

So after about two weeks, the shedding has totally stopped, there is no more swelling and it just looks awesome. After about a month I only still apply a hydrating crème (for tattoos) on it after showers.

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