vrijdag 1 april 2016

New hairspray / Goth teased hair tutorial

Hi everyone! Today's video is an update on how I do my huge hair. Ever since I filmed it this summer I've gotten a few other products to make it easier to do.

The things I used:
- Kruidvat Max Effect Volume powder
- Teasing brush
- Got2Be Glued Extreme Freeze Hairspray

For a basic goth look I only use the volume powder, but if you want to go extreme, tease your hair and fix it all with some heavy duty hairspray.

I love wearing my hair to one side, and it makes me miss my undercut I used to have. What do you think, get it back? Or just push my hair to the side?

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Looks great! I have the hair spray and mostly used it when I had a mohawk. I love Bedhead's Hard Head hair spray. It's a little pricey, but I like that it's not sticky like the Got 2B ;)

  2. Love stuff like this, always surprising to see how different people work for their looks!