vrijdag 18 maart 2016

Updated opinion - Demonia boots & shoes

Hi eveyone! Ever since I made my Demonia video this summer, I've gotten a lot of repons on it. One of those made me realise it was time to make an update on my opinion.

Now I've gone through more pairs then I am talking about in the video, but I don't remember all the pairs I have worn because some of them where second hand, others I got rid of after wearing them once...

My Demonia Trashvilles that I used to own for over 5 years, broke somewhere within the second year of having them. I have had them fixed for over 10 times, and if you count every time at about 10-15€ I could have invested in New Rocks instead...

The Demonia Creepers that I own were really cheap (normally they are over 100€ but I got them on sale for 25€) I haven't worn them enough yet to give you a good review about them.

I also have a pair of Demonia Swing 220 and those have been a huge dissapointment. I have been wearing them a few times in the house and owned them for about two months now. I wanted to wear them out to a party but when I was still at home, the sole just came off! Also the pleather on the heals started cracking... I cannot return them, but am really bummed out that they don't last longer... (and yes I had them fixed so I can still wear them for shoots and outfits)

In my previous video I forgot to mention a pair of Demonia Stacks I had. I got those in the time when I was wearing more cyber goth outfits, and did a few photoshoots in them. They were one of my favorite pairs, super high, and an amazing staple piece. The sole on these didn't come undone but the inside lining did... so everytime I would take them off, my heel would slip into the hole of the lining and just make it worse. Since most people were constantly complaining about how tall I am and that I shouldn't be wearing such high platforms, I got rid of them shortly after the photoshoots I had with them. Now I do regret not having them anymore, because they were freaking awesome.

A even longer time ago, I even had another pair of Demonia Slush and Trashvilles that I only wore for a photoshoot (they actually were a size to small) and then I resold them to a friend on who they fitted just fine.

And the one time I had a pair of Pleaser heels for my pole dancing class (the sub brand also by the same makers as demonia). I had only worn them a few times, and then passed them on to another (male) dancer since they were too wide on my narrow feet.

So all in all Demonia shoes are great as a novelty item, for photoshoots etc, but not as a shoe you want to wear a lot and especially not as a daily shoe.
I would recommend investing a bit more money in New Rocks and having the amazing quality they offer. My boyfriend is still wearing the same pair of New Rock he has bought 7 years ago and apart from some wear on the sole and the metal bits on the sole, they are in perfect condition.

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  1. Sorry that you obviously have had some not-so-good experiences, probably everyone has a brand or two that they are disappointed by... I do have some Demonia's that I am happy about, some others of course fell apart after a while but still this will not stop me from having like 5 more pairs on my wishlist, maybe they will be some of the good quality ones :-D