vrijdag 4 maart 2016

I got my nose pierced!

Hi everyone! As you may have already noticed in some of my pictures and videos, I got my nose pierced! At the time I am filming this video I already had it for three weeks, and in the meantime we are at week 5 (it takes time to film and edit etc...).

Where did I get it done?
 I went to Skin Culture in Roeselare, where my great friend Veerle did the piercing for me. If you live in Belgium and are looking for a great piercer (and tattoo artist) be sure to check her out!

How much did it hurt?
When you get pierced, first you get the placement right on your nose, then they put a clasp on, they pierce and finally put the jewelry through. The piercing was an annoying stinging pain, that lasted longer then for my septum piercing and kind of burned a bit. Getting the jewelry in was the most painful part, and since it is a cork screw design, it wasn't the easier to get in either.
I would give this piercing a 6-7/10, painful, but you can manage it.

What type of jewelry do I wear?
Right now I have a standard piercing stud in my nose, in a 0.8mm. It is really simple and I can wear it to work no problem. In the meantime I have ordered a few extra pieces of jewelry, and have tried a hoop in my nose (a 9mm diameter 0.8 thickness).

How has the healing been?
The healing has been really easy I must say, I use EasyPiercing solution on the piercing, but you can also use Cedium spray or another spray for wounds that doesn't have alcohol in it. The first 3 weeks I cleaned it every evening before going to bed by applying the EasyPiercing on a cotton swap and then cleaning the piercing from the outside first and then from the inside (making sure to remove any crusties). After the three weeks, I only clean every other day, and now that I'm past the 5 weeks mark I don't have any crusties or wound fluids anymore, I clean it after the shower and that's it. It's been completely fine, no swelling or irritations have been going on.

Only when I change the jewelry, it still get a bit irritated, so except for in this video, I haven't been wearing other jewelry yet, and have just kept the regular nose stud.

If you have any other questions, be sure to ask in the comments! I love my nose piercing, and am surprised how long it took me to finally get it done.

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