woensdag 16 maart 2016

Goth jewelry haul / Review: The Rogue + The Wolf

Hi everyone! Today I have another video and this is a review and haul of the brand The Rogue + The Wolf. The new collection will be out on march 17th, so the day after this video airs! And yes, we are having three video's this week!

I got four items: three rings and one necklace.
Hunt midi ring: size 4 - 10£ at The Gothic Shop
Eclipse necklace: one size - 12£ at Rogue + Wolf website
Rhea ring: size 8 - 10£ at Rogue + Wolf website
Cat skull ring: size 9 - 14£ at Rogue + Wolf website

I ordered when there was a discount on all items, plus The Rogue + The Wolf have a 'spell points' system, so if you make an acount you will get a lot of them, and afterwards for every £ you spend you will get some extra, that you will be able to spend as a discount on your future orders.

My order from The Gothic Shop was placed on a Friday and I got everything in the mail on Tuesday at my house. The order from The Rogue + The Wolf  own website was placed on a Friday (26th) and arrived at my house on the next Monday (7th march) . Since they were having a huge sale, I didn't mind the delay, but it's worth mentioning.

One  thing I did find a bit strange, is that there wasn't any information about The Rogue + The Wolf on the package, it was a plain white enveloppe with a small plain white box in it that contained the items. So no invoice, no cards, no nothing with it... Only the jewelry items themselves came in plastic bags that were sealed with a The Rogue + The Wolf stickers and had a small card with the size on it.

I do love the quality of all the items, they are super sturdy and made out of a 3D printed black plastic. You can also get other materials (white, silver and gold) and those have other prices.

Tomorrow, the new collection will be launched and I am pretty sure I will be getting a few more items from it... If you haven't already, be sure to take a look at their website, and keep an eye on their Instagram page to get updated on promotions, sales and new launches.

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  1. Aww I was hoping for some silver or steel items in your review - still thinking about purchasing one or two of the more expensive materials since the black stuff is so nice :-D Great Haul as well!