maandag 7 maart 2016

February haul and favorites

February was a fairly short month and I was still waiting on a few things I bought on sale to arrive. I was able to get a lot of things I really wanted (such as creepers, new Dr Martens and my very first Kat Von D product).


I did get a few things this month, and a few of them I got during sales but arrived to late to include in my January haul and favorites.

- Demonia creepers (on sale @ Attitude Holland)
- Dr Martens Pascale (on sale @ Zalando)

- Lip Service Betty short and Smirnoff's Ice shirt (from Ebay)
- Hellbunny Ouji dress
- Iron Fist 'dress'

At the local DI store I picked up another bunch of products:
- RT brushes for face (total of Five brushes)
- Eyelure lashes Volume starter set (see review here)

- Kat Von D Chrysalis palette (second hand but not used)

- Arctic Fox Hairdyes (@ Attitude Holland + clip in extensions sets from random hair store)

- Crafting materials for jewelry (from Etsy and Ebay)

- La Splash liquid lipsticks in Ghoulish, Venom and Malevolent (from Boozyshop)


Make-up favorite:
Kat Von D Chrysalis palette: I've only used this palette since I got it for my make-up. It's so versatile and you can create so many looks with it. I'm debating on getting another palette by Kat Von D as well, because the quality is just amazing.

Movie favorite:
This month I rediscovered an old favorite of mine: I am number four, this is an amazing fantasy movie, and I wish they would some day come out with the next part to the movies. But from what I've been finding online, I don't think that will happen soon...

Music favorite:
This month I've been listening to the newest Suicide Commando single 'The Pain That You Like' and especially the C Lectorr remix. Unfortunately, Youtube blocked this song... So I can't link you to it. Sorry!

Another song I've also really liked is 'The Invincible Spirit' with the song 'hate you'. Especially when something goes slightly wrong I like listening to his song, even if I don't find it negative or enfuriating.

Youtube favorite:
This is a new favorite I am introducing, mainly because I watch a lot of youtubers, and would like to share my love for some of them. I will be featuring just one channel every month, so you don't get overloaded at once.
This month my favorite channel is 'LigeiaResurrected': she is a goth girl with an amazing voice and lately he has made two videos that I absolutely love; one about Baudelaire and another one on Abinthe. I really like her personality and if you haven't already, please go check her channel out.

Fashion favorite:
And my last favorite is a fashion favorite, as in a piece of clothing, shoes, jewelry, ... that deserves some special extra attention this month.
For this I really want to talk about my Demonia Creepers, I have wanted them for so long! I was able to get mine on sale at Attitude Holland for 28€ including shipping, and even if they are too big I wear them with insoles. I will definately get another pair somewhere in the future, but then in my size.

What were your favorites this past month? Are you as happy as I am that the days are finaly getting longer again?

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