vrijdag 11 maart 2016

Arctic Fox hairdye review

Hi everyone! Today's post is going to be about the brand Arctic Fox. I got four bottles of their hairdye, and dyed three sets of extensions with them, so I could give you all a good review about them.

I picked four colors, two blues: Poseidon and Aquamarine. And two purple shades: Purple Rain and Violet Dream. They were 11.99€ for a 118ml bottle (you can also get 236ml for 18.99€). The first thing you will noitice is that these dyes smell incredibly good, like grape candy!

I first dyed my four color set with firth my own black color at the roots, then faded into Poseidon, Purple Rain, Violet Dream and Aquamarine at the tips. The Poseidon color was the only color I was dissapointed by: it is a lot different then what I hoped it would be, and it doesn't give a good transition between the black and purple.

I dyed my first set of extensions when they were wet (I washed them with a gentle shampoo), but didn't rub in the dye enough apparently (I only found this out afterwards). So when I did the two duo toned sets of extensions I made sure the dye foamed a bit and let them sit for 1hr. I think colorwhise the purple set turned out the best, and if the blue would have been more intens it would have been my favorite set. I in the meantime redyed my blue set, and now it's even brighter and better!

My favorite colors are Purple Rain and Aquamarine, I really like Violet Dream as well, but it is more pink than purple, and unfortunately Poseidon didn't reach my expectations... You can get the dyes either at arcticfoxhaircolor, on Amazon or at Attitude Holland. They are the same price as Manic Panic, but more expensive than Crazy Color.

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