maandag 22 februari 2016

The Instagram Tag

Hi everyone! I found out about this tag by seeing it a lot on Dutch blogs recently, but found it an interesting one to share with you all. And of course because it is an Instagram tag, I will be including lots of pictures!

0. What's your username ? 
Orphea333 (same as almost everywhere)

1. When did you create your Instagram account ? 
I created it in I belief 2013 but only started using it actively somewhere in 2015.

2. Which is the first picture you posted?
I have actually taken those first picture offline, as they were poor quality. Most of them were make-up related and badle taken.

3. How many times do you log in ? Per day/week ? 
I try and keep up with my feed daily, since I commute to work, I will catch up with the feed in the morning, and after work. And if I can, before going to bed (or if I post something in the evening, I will scroll through it again. 

4. What is your worst picture ? 
I recently deleted a lot of pictures, because they didn't 'fit in' whit what I want for my Instagram to be.
One of the worst must have been a crappy shot of my backyard...

5. Which picture has had the most likes? 
I made a 'best nine' collage of my Instagram pictures and these are the 'winners'

My current top pictures both have 50 likes:

6. How many followers do you have ? How many people are you following ? 

7. Who is the last person who liked on of your pictures ? 
At the moment I am making this blogpost that person is 'theprayersforrain'

8. Name one brand/celebrity you are following ? One brand/celebrity who follow you (if there is any) ? 
I am actually following a lot of 'celebrities' withing the alternative subsculture as well as brands, but the one I am currently most excited by is 'katvondbeauty' I love their products and awesome promo shots

9. Show us your top 3 pictures? 
Not considering the 'most popular' pictures I have made a selection of the three pictures I personally like most:

The first one because it is such a good shot of one of my (so far) favorite make-up looks.

The second one because it shows a bit more of my 'silly' side, I don't always post pictures like this, but if you know me in real life, you know about 50% of the time, I will be acting silly.

The last one is the outfit I wore to the most recent Infekted party in Ghent. I would love to be able to take more outfit pictures, but considering how tall I am, it is a bit difficult. The bathroom is the only place I can take these, but I love showing you what I wear, and always get great respons.

10. What is the last picture on your Instagram feed?
The newest picture on my Instagram currently is this one: but I will most likely upload another one tonight.

I found this a really fun tag to do, and it gave me a bit more insight of my Instagram as well. What pictures do you like most? I would love to see you all do this tagg as well, be sure to leave a link to your blog when you have, so I can go and check it out as well ^^.

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