maandag 15 februari 2016

Shoe update

Another year, another pair of shoes added to my collection (two actually). I recently had to throw away a few pairs of my shoes since they weren simply too worn out. And since I got rid of some, I bought myself a few new pairs as well that I want to show you today.

The pairs I had to get rid of were my Dr Martens boots, since they started having holes in de the soles and the leather started cracking. I have worn these for almost four years on a nearly daily basis, so I am really happy they lasted me this long.
When I threw the old Dr Martens away, I immediately placed an order for the exact same pair, so I woudn't have to miss them. These are the Pascale model in size 43.

The other pair I threw away was a pair of winter boots with soft wool lining. I had worn them in winter last year, and one of the soles had come lose. I had them fixed at the shoe makers , and then wore them untill now, the soles really were in bad condition, and I couldn't get them fixed anymore.

Now I did not get a new pair of winter shoes, since the Dr Martens will serve mainly as those, but when Attitude Holland had their sale, I got an awsome pair of Demonia creepers, these are a size 44 and were only 28€ including shipping. I do have to wear them with two extra insoles because they are a size too big, but it's not a lot of hassle to deal with for such nice shoes.

Would you like me to do a shoe collection video? Because I can try and do that if you like. I'm starting to have a few pairs of really awesome shoes and hope you like them as well.

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