maandag 29 februari 2016

Looks of February

Today is the last day of February and I wanted to show you the looks I have been wearing this past month. I have also cleaned out my Instagram feed, because it contained a lot of pictures that aren't really relevant anymore.

So the first look is actually from the end of January, but since I love it so much I wanted to include it into this overview as well. This was the look I wore for my channel trailer.

 This month I got my very first Kat Von D product and of course had to create at least one look with it. I also made a tutorial on how to recreate this using the Chrysalis palette. The top picture has been taken with my Ipad, and the bottom one with my DSLR, same setup, but huge difference in quality.

As you will soon see on my channel, I dyed three sets of extensions (this was the first one) with Arctic Fox hair dye, I love the way they turned out!

Then I made another black and white eye look with the Kat Von D Chrysalis palette, and this has been one of my favorite looks (I've been wearing it over three times out already). I haven't filmed a tutorial on it yet, but will do so soon. And I obviously got my hair cut.

I also experimented with a new hair product on which you can see the video as well, I really love it as it created immediate texture and volume in my hair.

My second Arctic Fox dyed set of extensions is a mix of blues, and I tried to match my eyebrows to it for the first time ever. I really love the effect and will try to adapt this method to other colors as well.

An finally my new dress (that won't be in my haul yet, but in next months) from Spin Doctor. I love it because it is so comfy and easy to just wear. I have worn this out to a birthday dinner, and only got positive response from family.

I hope you enjoy these pictures, I am in love with Arctic Fox hairdye, and will be wearing my extensions in a lot of upcoming videos. Also so happy with my shorter hair to start spring and summer. What was your favorite look?

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