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Kiko: a huge review

Hi everyone! As some of you already know, I started a new job in Brussels and now am very close to the Kiko store, this is both a curse and a blessing to me, since I have been wanting to try their products out for forever. In this post I will write short reviews on every product I have, so that if you have a chance of going there yourself, or want to order online, you know what to look for.

Eyeshadows: glitter black, dark red, taupe light, taupe dark.

I currently 'only' have four eyeshadows by Kiko, and this is not because I don't like the color range they have, it's because I already have a lot of eyeshadows, and don't want to buy colors I already have before finishing them up first.

The first eyeshadow is 178 Macropearly black, this is a high pigment eyeshadow, and I like to add this to  a plain black smokey eye look for an extra glittery accent. It's not like the glitter jumps out a lot, but it gives a nice extra touch. Since these only cost 2.90€ I think this is a great product.

Them we have a color that Kiko describes as a wet and dry high pigment color and I got 11 Pearly Marsala. Now this is a product I am a bit disappointed by. It raised high expectations but isn't as vivid as I would like it to be, in the pan it looks like an amazing dark red, but blends out to be boring and dull. Even wet I am not a big fan of the color. It's better to leave these behind unless you really want a color that doesn't exist in another type of eyeshadow, because these are 6,90€ a piece.

And then I have two colors of the 'infinity eyeshadow' range: 288 Mat Brown Taupe and 289 Mat Dark Oak. Now I didn't buy these to be used as eyeshadows, but as a contour color for my pale skin. Depending on how hard I want it to be I use the lighter or darker shade, these are incredibly pigmented, and if I wanted to I could perfectly make a neutral eye look with these. They were only 2.40€ and can be put in a Kiko palette (those are sold out all the time...).

Eyeliners: mettalic dark silver, liquid black and Kajal
I bought three different types of eyeliners at Kiko, two of which were on sale when I got them.

The first one is a pencil eyeliner called 'smart eye pencil' in the color 815 Smoke Gray, it is a dark grey color with some shimmer in it, giving it a metallic finish when worn. It's really smooth and creamy to apply, doesn't crease or irritate the eye, and stays on the entire day without any problem at all. Since these were only 1.20€ I can highly suggest picking these up . (second swatch)

The second eyeliner is a liquid one, and this is going out of the range, so I am not sure if you will still be able to get it when this blogpost airs. This 'liquid intense eyeliner' in the color black isn't one of my favorites. Although it is really pigmented and lasts a long long time (it's actually a pain to get off) has a sponge type applicator that ruins it for me. It applies stripy when you try to create a wing, focusing the product on the edges of the applicator and leaving a space 'open' in the middle. Since I got if for only 3,40€ it's not too bad that I won't be using it again, but I wouldn't recommend picking it up. (top swatch)

And finally the Kajal pencil in 100 which is a plain black. Now this is a big win for me and I have been reaching for it more than I do for my Bourjois pencil. It is highly pigmented, applies smoothly and stays on your waterline all day. I've added this to my daily make-up routine. It is well worth the 4.20€ you pay for it (also exists in other colors).

Lipliner: 710, 711 and 514
When I asked people about products they loved at Kiko, one of the main things were the lip pencils, and now I get why.

The first one is a 'smart lip pencil' in the color 710 'rouge noir' which is a deep red. It is a perfect color to combine with my dark lipsticks, intensely pigmented, lasts a long long time, and only costs 1.20€. I can highly recommend picking these up. I also have the color 711'light plum' from this same range, and as I actually got it as a mistake (I wanted to get a second 710) but it's actually a gorgeous color. I actually love wearing this with a lip balm on top, because the color is just amazing on it's own.

The last one is a 'Automatic precision lip liner' in the color 514 Plum but is more of a brown color. It's a really good quality pencil, although I have no idea what the end part serves for. These cost 5.90€ and have the sames colors as the 'smart lip pencils', so I would reach for the regular ones instead of these, but I think that's personal preference.

Lipstick: taupe & black
Then we have my lipsticks by Kiko: the 'Lucious cream lipstick' in the color 524 Taupe. This has a creamy finish, but isn't glossy as some other lipsticks tend to be. I like applying it on its own as a taupe color on my lips, but I also like combining it with my two Kiko lip liners, making it totally different and unique colors. I would totally recommend you pick these up, normally they are 6.90€ but I got mine on sale for only 3.40€.

The other one I got was in a even bigger sale for only 2€ and is the color 523 black. Now this one is a bit more shear than the taupe one. So if you want a opaque black lipstick, don't reach for this one. What I do like it for, is layering on top of one of the red lip pencils, creating a unique dark color.

On the swatches you can clearly see that the black needs some layering to be opaque, and the taupe is just gorgeous on it's own.

I also purchased two tools: a pencil sharpener and a brush. The pencil sharpener is a basic one with two sized holes, you can open it and there is a small tool to help remove excess product. It was 3,20€ which is a good price for a duo pencil sharpener to me.

The brush is the 200 brush and was only 4,90€ on sale when I got it. It is describe as a blending brush and has a combination of natural and synthetic hair. I hope it will be a good blending brush, as I currently only like the Real Techniques ones so for.

Setting powder
The final product I picked up is a loose setting powder called 'invisible powder' this is supposed to be mattifying and keep your makeup nice and secure. This is the product I am replacing my Essence all about matt fixing powder with, since the compacts tend to break on me after a while. This costs 11.90€ and is well worth it's price. I don't use the applicator that it comes with, but a fluffy brush that I dip in the product and then get rid of the excess. It does have a rather chemical smell, but once you have applied the powder the smell just goes away. It leaves my makeup looking smooth and matt, and feeling super soft to the touch.

So, when going to Kiko what should you definately pick up? Eyeshadows (the cheap ones even are really good and highly pigmented), eyeliners, lipliners and lipsticks. I think you can find some really good products at Kiko that are still affordable. The prices are not the lowest, but on most products I think they are about the same prices as Catrice and NYC would be. I paid a total of 59.6€ for all the 15 products I got, making the average price 3.97€.

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