woensdag 24 februari 2016

Hair update and future plans

Hi everyone! Today is going to be a short blogpost about my hair. When I started my blog, I used to have incredibly long hair, but didn't do anything with it. Over the years I changed it a lot, and today I want to show you what it now looks like.

I got it cut the shortest it has ever been, going barely over my shoulders anymore, with lots of layers and a (too) short fringe. This is not 100% what I wanted (especially the fringe part) but I do think it looks good, especially when I style it and make it look more gothy.

For the colors in my hair I have five sets of extensions: a red one, that is the longest one I have, a Absinthe one, that is also quiet long, a purple and blue mix, which is also a bit longer, and now recently two a bit shoter sets to match my hair when I get it cut (blue and purple). You will see a dye video on the last three sets soon on my Youtube.

As much as I do like having this cool haircut, I think I'm going to let my hair grow out again after this, but I am still debating on keeping my fringe or not... So what do you guys think? Keep the fring or ditch it?

picture when my hair was still super long (and no fringe)

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  1. Could not decide, I like the longer version of this fringe on you and also the no fringe version XD

    1. Thank you ^^ I really like my fringe, but when I get it cut it's too short for a few weeks...