woensdag 17 februari 2016

Eyelure Volume 101 starter set

As you all know, beautifull lashes can complete any make-up look and make it stunning in just a blink. Today I want to give a small review on my very first Eyelure lashes, and for the purpose of this post, I got the starter set (also because I wasn't as sure about my capabilities to apply lashes).

Eyelure offers a wide range of false lashes, each made for a specifik look and accent. They currently have three different starter kits, that contain an extra practice lash, applicator and two bottles of glue. (so three lashes in total). http://www.eylure.com/lash-categories/starter-kits.html
I found my Eyelure lashes in my Local DI store were they cost 8.99€ for a starter kit, most other lashes are 6.99 or 7.99 depening on the style. You can also buy the applicator on its own if you like to.

These volume lashes seemed ideal for my already out there make-up looks, and these are my most expensive lashes so far (before I only used the cheap ones from Action and the ones by Bourjois).
I must say that these are really easy to apply, especially since you get a small applicator with them. The glue is of a massively better quality then the ones I used before, and if you take care of the lashes, I am sure you can have at least 5-10 wears out of them.

Don't forget to store them nicely when you take them off, and peel off dried glue before re applying them.

I love these lashes, and will most likely be getting other eyelure lashes in the future as well. They give an amazing effect and come in a wide variaty, so there is a lash for every eye. The instruction as clear and easy to follow making it ideal for first time lash appliers.

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