woensdag 27 januari 2016

Nivea skin care routine

Hi everyone, today I am going to do a review/ skin care routine for you all. I have totally changed the entire way I take care of my face and wanted to share this with you, since it has made it so much better than it was a few months ago.

I am going to talk through my daily routine starting with when I get up:
When I am in a rush I take a cotton pad and apply the 'sensitive & caring miscelair water' on it, and clean my face.
When I am not in a rush, I wash my face with the 'soft cleansing mousse' (this tends to be mostly during weekends).
Then I apply the 'sensitive day cream' and let it set on my face.

I eat my breakfast and apply minimal make-up if I go to work. On days that I stay home I often don't wear any make-up but when I do make-up for video's etc, there is at least one hour between applying the day cream and starting my make-up routine.

my typical work make-up

When I get home from work, and I have worn make-up, I take off my eye make-up with the 'gentle eye make-up remover' (shake before applying on a cotton pad). Then I take off the rest of my make-up using cotton pads with 'miscelair water'.
When I stay home and film for my Youtube Channel, I take my make-up off before going to bed, also with the cotton pads using 'gentle eye make-up remover' and 'miscelair water'. This takes a bit more time and effort than with my regular make-up, but in a few minutes everything is gone.
When I don't wear any make-up, I just got to the final step when going to bed.

Before going to bed I go over my face one last time with a cotton pad with 'miscelair water' or wash my face with the mousse and the apply the 'sensitive night cream'.

Left: no make-up / right: full face of make-up (including foundation)

I got these Nivea product about two months ago and have been using them on a daily basis. I have noticed my skin has gotten a lot softer, and I have less blackheads and irritation than I used to get. I noticed I don't need to wear foundation anymore for work, because my skin is more even than before.

I can highly recommend all of these products, although my favorites are the miscelair water, night cream and eye makeup remover. The day cream is a bit sticky and pale (because of the SPF it contains) and I don't reach for the cleansing mousse every single day. But overall I think they are all well worth the money! I have almost stopped using make-up wipes (unless I want to chance my lip color or something similar) and the overall feeling of my skin is a million times better.

What is your skin care routine? What products do you use for it?

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