maandag 4 januari 2016

My 2016 goals

As you all know, I have been trying to set myself a few goals every month, but what if I took this on a bigger scale and set myself a few goals that I would try to reach in a years time?

- Grow my Youtube channel to 500 subscribers
I think his might happen eventually if I keep creating good content for my channel, so I hope that I can keep up with making at least one video every week and trying to improve the quality of my image and sound.

- Create a jewelry collection that I can be proud of
I have already created one collection that I am really proud of: the skull collection. I am currently planning out a few other small collections, and hope that they will be as beautiful as I have them in my mind. Since getting my supplies is sometimes a problem, I hope that won't be getting in the way of what I want to create.

- Move to a bigger apartment
This is a goal I have set myself together with my boyfriend. Don't get me wrong, our current place is great, but it's a bit small for two people who both have a lot of stuff (we play air soft, do Vietnam reenactment, I have a lot of crafting items that need a place, filming gear and lighting...). So we have already been looking at prices for apartments near ours that have an extra room but aren't much more expensive than the one we currently live in.

- Go to at least one festival
In may the festival season starts again, and I want to go to at least one festival. I have a few on my wishlist: M'era Luna, Graspop, Amphi festival and WGT.

- Find a job I love
I have a job that I really like, but I can't be myself all the time. This year I want to get experience so that in the future I can find the job that I want to do in the environment and style I want to do. My ideal job would be an office job in a creative sector.

I think it's also obvious that I want to keep on blogging, but this is not a goal I want to set myself, because blogging has become an integral part of my life, I don't just want to give up on it.

What are your goals for the coming year? Anything important that might happen to you?

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  1. Hoping to see you at Mera Luna or WGT then! And best of luck on all of these! (I could give you one more room *lol* don't use it so if there was a way to transfer it to your flat, tell me XD)

    1. Will definately keep you update if I go to one of those festivals.

      And yes, please do transfer a room! ^^ I wish we had those magic capsules they have in Dragon Ball Z so you can just throw one and a room appears :p