woensdag 16 december 2015

Review: LA Girls Matte Flat Finish Gloss

In today's review I am going to talk about two make-up products that have changed a lot for me: the LA Girls Matte Flat Finisg Gloss. I was lucky enough to get them even cheaper than they already are, and just the two colors I wanted most!

I got two colors: the first one is the darkest 'Black Currant' a deep purple color. This one needs a little more attention when applying it, because when you apply too much it start cracking and peeling off your lips.

The second color (and my favorite of the two) is 'Rebel' and this is a color between red and purple. It applies a lot smoother than Black Currant and doesn't peel or crack when you wear it. 

My favorite combination with these two colors is applying Rebel first all over the lip, and applying Black Currant as an accent in the corners and blend it in. 

These Flat Finish Glosses are actually matte liquid lipsticks (or really similar) they are a bit sticky on your lips when they dry, but afterwards they don't feel weird or sticky anymore. I love the color payoff and you only need one layer to get full coverage. These are sold for 5.49€ and you can find them here.  I give them a score of 8/10 since Black Currant does peel and crack a tiny bit at the inside of the mouth.

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