maandag 28 december 2015

Review: Essence eyeshadow 'keep calm and berry on' and 'let's go burgundy'

Hello everyone! Today's blogpost is another review of two eyeshadows I just purchased from Essence. They both look like really nice deep red colors, so let's compare them and take some swatches.

The first color is the Essence eyeshadow 21 'keep calm and berry on'. It looks like a really nice deep berry color, with a satin finish. This is part of the normal eyeshadows and only costs 1.69€. The package is clear so you can see the color. When taking of the sticky tape it did damage the print on the back.

The second color is part of the Metal Glam eyeshadows and is the color 24 'let's go burgundy'. The package is clear plastic as well but it has a metal rim around the eyeshadow. The color looks like a nice burgundy with a lot of shimmer in it. These are for sale for 2.59€. Same as the other color, the sticky tape damaged the printing on the back.

When I swatched the colors, I noticed that they were very similar, there is close to no difference in color tone, which is kind of disappointing to me. I prefer using the metal glam color, since it is a bit more pigmented than the other regular eyeshadow. On the swatches I have a primer at the top so you can see how they apply.

The color I prefer is the metal glam color since it is more pigmented. The other color mostly vanishes when I wear it with other products. Since the price difference isn't that bad I would recommend going for the metal glam color. I have used this is a few of my make-up looks already and love it. The other color I gave away and the person who now has it loves it since she doesn't do a lot of dark makeup looks, so the color can come to it's right.

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