vrijdag 25 december 2015

Garnier Olia hairdye review

Hello everyone and Merry Christmas! A few days ago I dyed my hair black again and I wanted to talk about the amazing hairdye I used for it. I will be talking about the product, but also included a clip when I actually applied the dye to my hair.

The Garnier Olia hair dye I use is the color 1.0 Black (zwart nacht = black night in English). One package actually is enough for my hair (cut in layers). And there retail between 10-15€ a package, which is a bit more expensive for at home dye.

Since I only dye my hair every three months more or less, I use 4 packages a year, so I can look out for promotions and just stock on the dye I need. If you have to dye your hair more often (for ex. if your hair is much lighter) you will need more dye (logic).

I give this dye a 8.59/10 since it is super good dye, smells good, and the conditioner you get with it is amazing. The only downside to me is packaging, it is a lot more wasteful than it could be, and I think that's a shame.

I can highly recommend getting this dye as it will make your hair super soft and the colors are vibrant with a healthy shine to them.

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