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2015 in review: Makeup

When I started my blog, I also started wearing makeup and testing our products. Over the years I have learned a lot! I am actually impressed that I can do the things I do now, but more about my make-up evolution will come during January, including lots of pictures! In today's blogpost I want to talk about my beauty evolution in products during 2015.

As most of you have seen, I have tried (almost) every type of liner out there this year: liquid liners, felt tip liner, eyeliner pencils and finally gel liners. I dislike felt tip liner because they dry out so fast! So that's one thing I will never purchase again. Liquid liners tend to be ok, but you have to pay attention that they dry fully, otherwise they will transfer. I like them, but I don't love them. Eyeliner pencils I have almost none of left, just one white and one black one, and I use these almost only on my waterline. The last type, the gel liner is what I use most right now in combination with my awesome Real Techniques eyeliner brush. It dries a lot faster than normal liquid liners, and that is the main reason why I chose this over regular liquid liners.

I have used up one foundation, my NYC one, that matched my skin almost perfectly. Since they don't make those anymore, the search has begone for a new one. I currently use two foundations: one by NYC and one by Catrice, one is paler, the other a tiny bit darker. Most of the time I end up mixing them to get my now perfect shade. I also tried a few different things to apply my foundation; I  used my fingers for this before, I tried a brush but didn't like it, and then started using cheap beauty blender dupes. Finally I got one by Real Techniques (that badly needs replacing) but is so much better quality. It blends the foundation (and concealer) perfectly into your skin without looking caked on or fake. Finally in December I gave in and bought a (to me) expensive foundation by Bourjois. It's a lot better than all the ones I have previously owned and blends really well with my skin, it also smells amazing...

I am still on the search for the perfect mascara, and have gone through quit a few this year. I used some by Essence, Catrice and NYC, the one I use for daily use are the ones by Essence, since they don't ad a lot of volume, the Lash Voluminzer by Catrice used to be my favorite but has become clumpy (I am still debating if I should buy it again) and now I have the Showtime mascara by NYC which does a great job, but isn't as dramatic as the one by Catrice. I like longer and especially fuller lashes, so those are the things I look for in a mascara, so that if I wear fake lashes, my normal ones don't just vanish.

One thing that has drastically changed this year are my lipstick habits. I used to wear a lot of reds and not many other exciting colors. Then I won some awesome lipstick by LA Cosmetics and my love for the stranger colors grew. After that I discovered liquid lipsticks, that dry matt and don't move from your lips, and I invested in some more colors. I really love these lip colors that once you apply them you don't have to worry about anymore, and will definitely get more colors. I already have a grey, black, brown/red, purple red, purple, and a greige color.

While I always had a bunch of cool eyeshadows, my curiosity grew for the loose pigment ones, and especially indy brands. I got a lot of new products this year (also because I can finally afford them). And have been most excited about the colors I got from Makeup revolution (Give them nightmares palette) and Notoriously Morbid. I currently don't prefer loose or pressed shadows, but it's normal to say you have to work with them differently to get the desired effect or look.

Brushes / applicators:
When I started doing makeup, I got a few cheap brushes that were included in palettes and sets. These obviously weren't any good, but at the time I did not know that. I already invested in a few brushes from Essence, Catrice, Hema and Rituals but this year my main evolution were my Real Techniques products. These brush sets have made a HUGE difference in the application of my makeup. Especially the starter set has been an eye opener, and immediately boosted my confidence while wearing (and applying) makeup.

So these were my main evolution's in makeup this year. I will also be making a makeup evolution post somewhere in the following weeks, so that you can see my progress in applying makeup.

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