woensdag 4 november 2015

Review: Real Techniques starter kit + miracle complextion sponge

This review is an important one! It is about what has become one of my staple items in my makeup collection, the essentials to apply your makeup: good brushes! These are by Real Techniques and I have tested them thoroughly for you all the past few months.

The Real Techniques starter kit contains five brushes: a base shadow brush, deluxe crease brush, accent brush, fine liner brush and a brow brush. I use them on a daily basis for my makeup, and am even looking forward to getting a second set because I love them so much.

The base shadow brush is a bit large for my eyes but is, as the names suggests, ideal for applying one color over your entire lid. When doing my daily makeup I apply my nude color with this brush all over my eye, before reaching for the deluxe crease brush to add a bit of brown. It is however super soft, and I can blend my edges out really easily with it.

The deluxe crease brush is my favorite of them all, and I use it for almost everything. You can use it to apply a color in your crease, but also work other colors into eachother. Since the top is still more precise and not rounded like the base shadown brush, you can even get into your inner eye corner with this. If I could I would get five brushes of this exact one.

The accent brush is the one I use least of the entire set, when I reach for it, it is to give some color to my lower lash line or inner eye corner if I feel the deluxe crease brush is too thick for the look I want. It is more sturdy and not fluffy like the previous brushes.

The fine liner brush is ideal for applying your eyeliner. At first I didn't get how to work with it, but I watched some tutorials from Real techniques and this has in the meantime replaced al my other eyeliner brushes (that are angled etc). I also use it to draw on my face (lines, crosses, details,...) and it's super easy to create a perfect wing with it. the bristels are longer and a bit more flexible than the accent brush making it follow the shape of the eye.

Finally the brow brush, this is my daily brush to aply my brow powder. It is sturdy, and shaped perfectly to get nice defined brows. I used to have another brow brush but that was made with hard synthetic (plastic feeling) fibers. That has gone to the bin since I started using this one.

And the final product I want to talk about is the miracle complextion sponge, this is a dupe for the expensive beauty blender. I am going to make a post about the different beauty blenders I have tried so far and what I think about them soon to compare it to most I have previously owned. This one is just so incredibly soft, and the angle they have made on it makes it super easy to go underneath your eyes. I am getting a backup for this really soon, because I use it every single day, and after about tree months it's starting to show a bit of wear (and I am unable to get all of the foundation out of it anymore).

To conclude: I can highly recommend Real Techniques to all of you. Every product I have from them had now become part of my standard kit that I use on a daily basis. It is so much better than brushes by Catrice, Essence, Hema, Rituals,... I am definately going to buy the basic collection and other brushes by them in the future, and will let you know how I like those. Their miracle complection sponge is so far also the best I have tried and I could recommend to all of you spending 10€ on it.

Real Techniques can be found at DI stores and bol.com in Belgium.

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