woensdag 18 november 2015

Review: Catrice Gel Eyeliner

Today's review is about a product that has changed my makeup routine: eyeliner. I used to have felt tip eyeliners, a liquid eyeliner, but recently I got the real techniques brush set with a fine liner brush and I got a gel eyeliner to see whether I liked it more or not.

So since I wasn't sure if I would like it or not I just a gel eyeliner from the budget brand Catrice. It comes in a sturdy jar and contains 3.5g of product for only 3.99€. It is the color 010 'Black Jack with Jack Black' and doesn't contain any glitter or sparkle.

I apply it with my Real Techniques eyeliner brush, so I slightly dip in into the product and then wipe a tiny bit of the excess of on the side and then start drawing my line.

Since this liner dries a lot quicker then the liquid or felt tip liner I used, it is less prone to smudging when you have drawn your line. I also find, since I clean my brush a lot, it is easier to keep control of how much product you use and how it applies.

This has made a huge change in how I apply my makeup and I've thrown out all of my felt liners, because they dry out and don't get the product out evenly. I have kept one of my liquid liners for drawing small details such as dots, but don't use it on a daily (or even weekly) basis anymore.

I am giving this gel eyeliner a 8/10 since it has made a drastic change to my make-up game. Altough it is hard to get off your eyes (so definitely use a remover that is specific for your eyes and not just makeup remover wipes). When I get to the bottom of this, I think I'm going to invest in a bit more expensive one because this type of liner that you can apply with a brush is just so much easier for me to work with.

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