woensdag 21 oktober 2015

Review: Makeup Revolution / Give Them Nightmares palette

Today's review is going to be my first video review ever. I hope I did somewhat OK, the swatches weren't easy for me to do at all, I hope they showed up all right. If you like this palette as much as I do, take a chance to win it on my video.

Makeup Revolution is a brand that makes affordable, but high quality make-up products. I had heard from them a few times and recently decided to place my first order. I bought a few palettes in promotion 2+1 (I got two 'Give Them Nightmares' and one 'Eat Sleep Makeup Repeat' palette) and because I had an order of over 15€ I got a free extra make-up palette.

Now needless to say that they have a lot of great promotions, but are the palettes good? Every palette I got comes into a nice cardboard box with a print of the eyeshadows and extra information. The actual eyeshadow palette is sturdy plastic and has a huge mirror on the upper inside and the eyeshadows on the lower inside. You also get an overlay with the names of each color and a double-sided sponge applicator inside the palette.

Now for the colors: you get 18 colors: 12 shimmer and 6 matt. Almost all the colors are extremely pigmented, and they all blend really well with each other. This palette is a combination of purple, blue, green, black and one white eyeshadow, making a lot of combinations possible.

As you can see in the video two colors (Poisonous and Depravity) are less pigmented than the others, but if you work them a bit more (with for example a sturdier brush than the sponge applicator) you can still get a lot of pigmentation and a nice rich color from them.

I have already created three completely different looks using only this palette and I am in love! For the mere price of 6£ / 8.22€ this can be yours as well. Or you could participate in my Giveaway (that is still open until Monday 26th) and take a change at winning it.

This palette gets a score of 9.5/10 from me, the colors are amazingly pigmented, I can get a lot of different looks out of the 18 colors. Only let down is the sponge applicator and I think it's a shame the pretty print isn't actually on the palette, making them all look similar when closed.

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