woensdag 7 oktober 2015

Review: Attitude Holland

Dear readers, today I will be doing a review for the online store Attitude Holland. I have already bought several items from them, and also won a recent giveaway. So today, I will be talking about four items: a skirt from Banned, hair dye by Crazy Color and Directions and make-up from Concrete Minerals.

So first things first: let's talk about the website! I think it's really nice to work with, you can either type in a word in the search bar, or select categories and browse through the items you are interested in. They also have a really good customer support, so if you have any doubts about a size, color, ... send them a message and they will get back to you really fast (I always got answered within 24h).

When you first subscribe you also get a 5€ discount on the site, which can compensate for shipping or if you have an order that is over 75€ shipping is free. They also have a lot of promotions on items, and regularly have sales. So if you are on a tight budget, be sure to look at the sale section.

So the first item I got is this pleated skirt by Banned apparel and at first wasn't sure if I could fit into a size L or maybe should take a size XL and how long it would be (since I am 1.84m tall). When I sent Attitude Holland a message they replied that the skirt was a bit short, and that if possible I should size up. So they helped me take the size XL and it fits exactly as I wanted it.

Because I wanted to get red ombré extensions, I ordered two types of red: Crazy Color  'fire' and Directions 'fire'. I mainly used the Crazy Color hair dye, because I personally like it more (as it is more a rich red than an orange red). I still have the directions hair dye as a backup to do touch ups when needed and really like them both. They were both packaged really well, with extra tape around the caps to make sure none of it could come out. Also a great things is that you can get every single color in their ranges directly from Attitude Holland, as well as the special bleaching kits for a really cheap price.

And the final items are two products I won from a recent giveaway: Concrete Minerals eyeshadows in Bulletproof and Napalm. Bulletproof is a gorgeous blue color (without shimmer) and Napalm is a rich orange with glitter. I love both of them so much and they are highly pigmented so you only need a tiny bit to create your full eye look! They came to me perfectly packaged, and really fast (I had them within two working days). These colors are such an asset to my make-up collection, and I will be creating a tutorial with these in the near future.

A blue look using 'bulletproof' 

So as you can see Attitude Holland has everything your alternative heart can desire. They have clothing, accessories, shoes, make-up, hair dye, jewelry,... I can highly recommend buying from them (especially if you live in The Netherlands, Belgium or Germany). You can also find them at festivals (so if you want to try something on, send them a message so that they can take it with them) and they have the most amazing shopping bags.

I am a big fan of Attitude Holland, they have a wide variety of brands and styles, they are open and communicate with their audience, and they provide us with amazing staple pieces! So be sure to check them out, get your 5€ discount and order some items! They also do give ways often on both their Facebook page and their Instagram, and if you tag the item you bought with the code of the website, your image will appear there as well.

P.S.: All opinions expressed in tis article are my own, and I am not paid by Attitude Holland to make this blogpost. Also, make-up tutorials using the Concrete Minerals eye shadows will be coming soon.

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