maandag 19 oktober 2015

Days Of Halloween: Repo! Blind Mag inspired Make-up Tutorial

So here it finally is! My first actual Halloween themed make-up tutorial. This tutorial was requested by Barnabas who suggested me multiple make-up looks. This one spoke to me specifically because I could do two version: one before and one after she stabs out her eyes. If you are curious how I did this, keep on watching.

Products used:
Stargazers white foundation
NYC All Day Long foundation in Classic Beige
Stargazers pressed powder in white
Catrice eyeshadow from the all about matt palette
NYC Cheek Glow 649 Propsect Park Rose

NYC brow kit in brunette
Catrice Prime and fine eyeshadow base
Makeup Revolution Give Them Nightmares palette: 'I Am Watching You' , 'Who's There?' and 'Boo'.
Catrice absolute eye color: 340 Oops... Nude It Again!
Catrice Gel Eyeliner 'Black Jack with Jack Black'
False lashes from Action
Catrice ultimate lash multimizer mascara

Catrice lip liner 'the roof is on fire'
Limecrime lipstick 'Glamour 101'

White lenses from Crazy Lens

I am not sure if I will be able to do a lot of Halloween themed make-up tutorials during this month, but I will keep making creepy inspired looks throughout the entire year. If there is something you would like to see, be sure to post in the comments so I can put in on my to do list.

And again, thank you Barnabas for the requests, other will follow in the future!

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