maandag 26 oktober 2015

Days of Halloween: Eyeball necklace tutorial + giveaway winner announcement!

For the Halloween season it seemed appropriate to me that I show you how to make this Hellbunny eyeball dress inspired necklace. You will only need a few things and it is really easy and fun to make.

Things you will need:
- polymer clay: white, red, black and color of your choice for the eye color
- clay tools
- baking paper
- baking tray
- eye pin (eye screws)
- oven
- alcohol and q tips to clean up your piece
- acrylic paint and fine detail paintbrush (red, eventually black, white and eye color)
- glaze
- necklace

Start by taking a piece of baking paper and work directly onto it with your clay.

Take a piece of white clay and make a round out of it, this will be your eye.

Then take you red clay and make the blood drips. I make a big piece of red under the eye and then carve out the drip shape.

Then you have two option for the eye: you can make it right now out of clay, or paint it on later.
If you want to work with clay: take the color of the eye you want and make a small ball and press this onto the white round you previously made finish with a tiny bit of black for the pupil.

Now your piece is almost ready to bake: add the eye pins where you want them. You can put one on each side as I did, or just one in the middle and have it hang from your necklace. This is completely up to you.

Clean up your piece using a q tip soaked in alcohol (remove finger prints, dirt specs,...).

Now bake following the instruction on the package of your clay.

When the piece is baked and cooled down you will remove it from the baking paper and start painting.

With a tiny brush, add veins to the eyeball. I used my dress as a reference.
If you haven't made the eye out of clay (the pupil etc) add those details in with paint as well.

Let your paint dry and then add at least one coat of glaze.

Once your pendant is ready it's time to attach it to the necklace. I made a custom necklace but you can use anything you have.

And then you are ready to wear your eyeball necklace! I wear mine all the time when I have my eyeball dress on, it just makes the perfect extra element to it.

What type of necklace would you like to see me make next?

Also, the winner of my Halloween Giveaway is... Lucifera 66 !
Congratz on winning the Give Them Nightmares palette and an item from my Halloween collection. Please get in touch to claim your reward.

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