vrijdag 18 september 2015

Lunatic Hair Dye Absynthe extensions tutorial : dyeing, styling and how to wear

In today's (long) video I will be talking about my color accent extensions. Since I cannot dye my own hair, this is the perfect alternative to still having bright colors in my hair. In this article (and video) I will be talking about how I dye them, how I style and cut them to match my hair, and also how I put them in.

What you will need:
- Extensions: these have to be human hair if you want to be able to dye them with regular hair dye. I use half a head since they are an accent color in my hair (6 pieces: 2x3 clip piece, 2x2clip piece, 2x1clip piece)
- Hair dye: I used Olia in black and Lunatik Hair Dye in the color Absinthe
- Tin foil: to put the extensions in when dyeing
- Latex Gloves: to protect your hands from the dye
- A hair brush: to brush through the extensions
Optional: a hair dyeing brush to make application easier

I first always do a color test on one of the extensions with the bright colors I want to use. Since the extensions I use are not a platinum, but more of a honey blonde, so I wasn't sure how the color would come out. After this test, I was sure the color would be what I wanted and no further steps (of bleaching etc) should be taken.

First you need to dye the black ombré on the extensions, this will make the blend with the bright color easier without creating a huge mess. But colors have different curing times, so mixing them would not be smart. Follow the instructions of your black hair dye to dye the top part of the extensions. I dyed mine, let it rest for 30minutes, then rinsed them, washed them gently with coconut shampoo and put the conditioner on them. I let the conditioner sit for a bout 5 minutes and then rinsed them out again.

After you dyed the tops black, let the extensions fully dry before applying the Lunatik Hair Dye (if you work with Directions, it has to by applied on wet hair, so read your instructions). I applied a generous coat of the Absinthe color, and let it sit for over an hour to intensify the color even more. Sine Lunatic, Direction, Crazy Color and Star Gazers are all plant based dyes, you can let them in however long you want, the longer you let the color take into the hair, the more vibrant it will be.

So after an hour I rinsed out the extensions, gently washed them with coconut shampoo, applied conditioner and let it sit for 5minutes. Then I rinsed untill the water ran more or less clear and let them fully dry.

I put in the extensions into the following order: two 3 clip pieces on the back of my head, one two clip on each side of my head and one one clip piece on each side. This means I used only half a full head of extensions and can still dye another set (blue or purple or another color).

Once I have all of them in my hair I will look how much I have to cut and then trim to match the look I want. You can curl them or straighten them as you would normal hair (also use heat protection if you want them to last!) to make them blend into your own hair more naturally.

I hope this post helped those of you who want a color in their hair but can't dye their own, or just want nice extensions. If you still have any questions, feel free to ask them in the comments.

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  1. Those look amazing on you! I always feel extensions look toooooo full with my already really full hair but still, now i want to try this XD <3

    1. I always like using them as an accent rather than as actual extensions ^^ the most I add is half a set of hair, so 6 clips for a full head of hair...

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