woensdag 5 augustus 2015

Review: Catrice Prime and Fine eyeshadow base

Recently I started going through all of my make-up and threw away the things that had gone bad and selected just a few things that I decided to keep. One of the products I just kept on holding on to was my Essence I love stage eyelid primer. When I started noticing I should get a replacement there was a promotion at Catrice and I found the Prime and Fine eyeshadow base. Since I already love the face primer from the same range, I decided to give it a go.

This eyeshadow base comes in a sleep and simple matt glass looking tube. The applicator is a doe foot applicator such as the ones you find in lipglosses. I personally like this system but I can see how it's not really hygienic to use on other people. Maybe a similar tube to the primers by The Balm or Urban Decay would be nice.

The product itself is really smooth and makes a huge difference when applying make-up. I wear this every single day, since it makes sure that my make-up colors stay the way they are when I apply them. For bright and vibrant colors it gives them a perfect base to stick to and get more intense.

This is one of the product I use on a daily base and couldn't live without anymore. It is one of the few eyeshadow bases  that I like that is smooth and soft enough, but still does the trick. It is available in all Catrice departments in stores such as Kruidvat for the price of 3.59€.

on the left: eyeshadows with primer / on the right: same eyeshadows without primer

I give this product a score of 8/10 since I would love to see it in a different package but it still is really good. What eyeshadow bases do you use?

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