vrijdag 28 augustus 2015

Make-up tutorial: black smokey eye / grey and black lips

Today's make-up tutorial is on the make-up look I had been wearing last week and got a lot of great comments on Instagram. This is a fairly easy look for which you only need a few items. If you are interested, keep reading/watching.

The product you need for the eyes:
- eyeshadow base: Catrice Prime And Fine eyeshadow base
- black kohl pencil : Bourjois Kohl & Kajal noir expert
- black eyeshadow: Catrice 140 The Captain Of The Black Pearl
- harder eyeshadow brush: Essence eyshadow brush
- soft brush: Rituals eyeshadow brush

Basically any black kohl pencil and eyeshadow will do, the trick is using a fairly hard brush to smudge out the line and create the smokey eye look.

The products you need for the lips:
- grey lipstick: L-A Cosmetics Cemetery
- black lipstick: L-A Cosmetics Gothique

I had applied some foundation on my lips so that I have an even base to work on. Apply the grey all over the lips, and then blend the black into the corners of your mouth.

If you recreate this look (or parts of it) I would love to see it. You can always tag me @orphea333 on Instagram, or leave a comment with the link to your picture.

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