maandag 24 augustus 2015

All about: My septum piercing

Hello everyone! Today's blogpost is about my newest piercing: piercing number seven! And this is a septum piercing. I had been thinking about a nose piercing for quiet a while, and decided to go for a septum instead of a simple nose ring. In this article I will be talking about: getting the piercing done, pain, current jewelry, maintenance, healing and how I wear it for work.

Getting the piercing done: I went to Skin Culture, whos owner is Veerle, a really good friend of mine. Because I was nervous to getting my piercing done, I prefer going to someone I know well and that I trust 100%. She is the same person who did my tongue piercing.

Pain: I got my piercing through my sweet spot that is really good and big. I found getting pierced more annoying then painful. It gave a big pinch as if she was adjusting the clasp, afterwards she pulled the jewelry true and it started swelling just a tiny bit. I give this piercing a 4/10 because it didn't really hurt.

Current jewelry: I got pierced with a 1.2mm curved barbel that is (I think) 1cm diameter.

Maintenance: the first weeks I have to clean my piercing twice a day: I do this when I wake up and before I go to bed. I use cotton buds and 'cedium' spray. I have some crusty's hanging on the jewelry, but wipe those off.

Healing: the first three days my piercing was really painful, it was hell to blow my nose and giving kisses to my boyfriend. Now after one week I can touch my nose without any problems at all, and there has never been any swelling or issues.

How I wear it for work: I simply turn it inside my nose. This is something I avoid doing now that I am still at home, so that it heals easier. But when I have a job interview or have to go to work I turn it inside.

Also: if you like the nose to ear chain, I have similar ones for sale on my Etsy store, and I also do custom orders.

So that was a small update on piercing number seven! If you have any questions, you can always ask me. I will also give you guys an update once it is fully healed.

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  1. Great post especially since i am thinking of getting one by myself :-)

    1. I can really recommend getting it done, I've had if for a few months now, and can perfectly hide it for work ^^