dinsdag 30 juni 2015

My opinion on Demonia boots & shoes

Today I'm going to give you all my own opinion and some advice on Demonia Boots and shoes. I had been getting some questions about them and decided to make a video and blogpost that could give some answers to these questions.

So what are Demonia boots and shoes?
They are boots and shoes catered towards goth and alternative people. They make really awesome designs going from lolita like platform heeled shoes, cyber looking platforms and platforms with loads of straps and buckles. They have a really large offer and they are sold almost all over the world.

How do they size?
They actually fit true to size, so look at the size convertor on the website. I have a EU size 43 and need a female size 13 or a male/unisex size 11. If you are in between sizes I would suggest taking the larger one for boots and closed shoes and size down for open shoes and lolita type heels.

How is the quality?
The boots themselves are made with quality parts (fake leather) and if you take a bit of care of them they will easily last you 3 years. The only weak part is where they attach to the platform, some models are just glued on and are not that strong. I had my demonia Trashvilles fixed about five times and they still come undone from time to time. I have worn them for over 3 years to lots of partys and festivals, so it is normal that you might have to get them repaired at some point. Not all Demonia shoes have this problem, since on some models they sew the boot into the platform as well as glueing them.

How is the price?
Considering that these are really cool shoes that will surely last you more than three years (worn on a monthly basis + taking care of them). They aren't as sturdy as for example New Rock boots (that will easily last you 7-10 years without fixes needed) but they aren't as exensive either. I think new Demonia boots are a bit expensive, so I look for promotions, sales and on second hand groups and websites. Ebay is also a great place to look for Demonias in your region.

Conclusion: Is Demonia worth it's money?
If you know that these shoes aren't ment to be worn on a daily basis, and will not last you 10 years: yes I think they are worth the money. Do consider you may have to get them fixed a few times over the years and you should be fine.

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