dinsdag 30 juni 2015

My opinion on Demonia boots & shoes

Today I'm going to give you all my own opinion and some advice on Demonia Boots and shoes. I had been getting some questions about them and decided to make a video and blogpost that could give some answers to these questions.

vrijdag 26 juni 2015

My favorite online stores

Hi everyone! Today's blogpost is going to be about one of my favorite things: shopping! And because I could write an entire book about it, today I would just like to talk about some of my favorite online stores.

maandag 15 juni 2015

Goth festival outfits lookbook (3 outifts!)

Hi everyone, with the festivals that have started I tought it would be fun to do a video with my go to fetsival outifts to give you some inspiration. All the clothes, make-up and jewelry can be found further in this post.

vrijdag 12 juni 2015

The piercing tag

Hallo iedereen, vandaag heb ik op mijn Youtube een nieuwe Tag video gepost: namelijk 'the piercing tag'. Hierin vertel ik over de piercings die ik heb, had en in de toekomst misschien nog ga hebben.

Hi everyone! Today I posted a new tag video on my Youtube channel: 'the piercing tag'. In this video I explain more about the piercings I have, had and might get in the future.