vrijdag 27 maart 2015

My goth closet tour

Today's video is one that I have been wanting to do for a while now. I am giving you an exclusive look into the 'goth' part of my closet that contains most of my clubbing and special clothes. Enjoy!

Note: these are not all my 'goth' clothes, I still have some in the other part of my closet, but these are my special pieces that are on hangers.

On the hangers are my dresses, some skirts, tops and vests. There all have been bought over the past seven years. I bought my first 'goth' item when I was 17, and have been buying bargains online and in real shops as well as on festivals.

On the bottom are currently two pairs of shoes: my pair of Demonia Trashville 518 boots and my hand painted skeleton heels. Next to them I keep my two bags: Kit from Skelanimals and a coffin shaped bag with a pentacle on it. I also have my sewing machine, a pair of black wings and a hoop skirt in the back.

I hope you liked this video and if you have any questions about an item, please ask them in the comments below.
Do you also have a piece of closet with special clothes?

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