vrijdag 30 januari 2015

My band/printed shirt collection

Hi everyone, today I am showing you a large part of my band and printed shirt collection. I have been going through them recently and got rid of a lot of them. So these really are my favorites. Also, these are not all my shirts, some of them were in the laundry or at my boyfriends at the time I filmed this.

The bandshirts I own:
- Siouxsie And The Banshees
- Rob Zombie
- Murderdolls
- Pain
- Suicide Commando
- The Ramones
- Machine Head
- Killswitch Engage

The printed shirts I own:
- League Of Legends: Teemo
- Star Wars: crossbones

I tend to wear these only in my free time and at home, since as an office manager student, you have to look 'appropriate' to the job you want to have. Some of these fit me really well, and I can sometime get away by wearing these with a blazer to school and still look good to go.

Do you have bandshirts? When do you wear them?

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