woensdag 17 december 2014

Gift ideas for alternative people

Hi everyone! Since the holidays are aproaching, gifts are most likely also on their way. You might already have those gifts ready, but for those who don't, here's some ideas for gifts that you can get for alternative people.

You can read on to see al the ideas, or you can just watch the video.

1) Jewelry
Every goth or alternative person wears jewerly. You can get them a special necklace or ring or bracelet. But if you know that they have piercings, you might even get them a special piercing jewelry. If they have stretched ears, plugs or tunnels with cool design might be the way to go.

2) Black nailpolish
What do all goths/alternative people use? Black nailpolish, and what do we always run out of? Exactly! This is one of those things you can always get them, and it will always be a great gift.

3) Hair dye
People with green, blue or red hair didn't just grow that hair color, they dye it. If some of your friends has a special hair colour, they will really apreciate you getting them one of the products they use a lot.

4) Nerdy stuff
Almost everyone plays video games these days. I love League of Legends, and last year I got a Teemo shirt from my boyfriend that I absolutely love. You can find merchadise of most games in the forms of plushies, wallets, keychains, jewelry,... Any geek will love getting something from a game they play a lot.

5) Band merch
Image you are a huge fan of Rob Zombie, and you get a shirt of the band, will you be happy? Of course you will be! Getting someone merchandise from a band they love is a great idea. Especially nowadays that most bands have a side label of clothes or merchandise.

6) Food & drinks
I have two types of food & drinks gifts: the first one is special foods, By this I mean foods you can't usually get. In Belgium we don't have the special Asian foods (like candy kits etc) so that would definately be an option. Also special Amerikan import online stores exist for that special type of food.

The second type of food gift is to give the person their favorite things. For example: my boyfriend loves Doritos in Sweet chili pepper, but doens't often get them himself, so I buy him some packs. Also Mountain Dew, and special flavored soft drinks that he can't buy (because they only sell them in Holland) makes a great gift.

7) Chocolate!
Almost any girl loves chocolate! Maybe find an assortement of different flavors, or if you know the person well and you know they like a specific type of chocolate, getting a gift package of those is ideal.

8) Perfume
My mom has been using the same perfume for over years now, and every Christmas I get her a gift set of that perfume. This way, she always has some, and she won't have to buy it herself.

9) Gift vouchers
This last gift is really a last resort. You can make your own gift vouchers for '1.000 hugs' or kisses or wathever. These are more personal and will mean something to the person you give them to. Another type of vouchers are gift cards from stores or cinema tickets that you buy in a gift package. You can get vouchers from almost any store (H&M, Forever , Large, Attitude Holland,...). Just make sure it's a shop the person will shop at on a regular basis.

Do you have all the presents ready for your friends and family? Or do you still need to get some gifts?

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