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Body modification: Update

Hi everyone! One of my most read articles has been the one about my body mods. Today I want to make a small update about this article, and explain everything a little better.

What is a body modification?
Everything that changes your body from its 'natural' state is called a body modification. This includes: piercing, tattoo, chirurgical changes to the body, scarification, branding, ear stretching, ...

For every modification I have (or had), I will put up a small info list and these will go from oldest to most recent.

1) Pierced ears (regular lobe piercing)
Age: 12
Pain level: 6/10
Healing time: ?
Piercer: jewelry shop in hometown
Products used for care: spray from shop

Info: I only got my ears pierced when I was twelve, what I think is quite late for a girl. They got shot in with a piercing gun, which is not allowed anymore. I remember it hurting when I got it done. I guess they healed fast etc, but I don't know anymore since it's been over ten years now.

Tip: never get any piercing done with a piercing gun!

2) Labret piercing
Age: 18
Pain level: 5/10
Healing time: 3 weeks
Piercer: female piercer at Ace 'N Dice in Ghent
Products used for care: aftercare solution from the shop

Info: When I was almost 19 I finally got my mom to agree that I got my lip pierced. I just went to a shop in Ghent that a friend suggested and got it done. It didn't hurt much since it's going through soft skin tissue. It healed really fast and I never really had issues with it. Altough the piercing healed fine etc, I don't suggest going to Ace 'N Dice, why? The piercing was not put in the middle of my lip, and that's why I choose to take it out. I will most likely get it re-pierced once I move out and have a job where facial piercing are allowed.

Tip: If you want to get this piercing, be sure it's in the middle of your mouth at any time (smiling,...) if it's not, it will drive you crazy! Also, it hurts your gum and teeth with the labret pin inside your mouth, and when you want to wear a ring, take and open one, at night your lip smells up a bit, and with a closed ring you want end up getting a wound. Be aware of this!

3) Tongue piercing
Age: 20
Pain level: 5/10
Healing time: 2 weeks
Piercer: Veerle Delecluyse (Skin Culture)
Products used for care: Hextril

Info: About two years ago, I decided to get my tongue pierced and a friend of mine, who back then was an apprentice at a tattoo and piercing shop, did it for me. It was not really painful and she didn't pierce through the tongue web (skin that connects your tongue to your mouth). I didn't have a lisp or talk weird, and after two weeks it was fully healed. I have never had problems with it and if people don't know I have it, they are not likely to find out.

Tip: Always ask your piercer after a few weeks to measure up the size of the bar you need. I went two lenghts smaller from the original one that was put in when she pierced me.

4) Stretched ears to 4mm
Age: 20
Pain level: 4/10
Healing time: 8 weeks
Products used for stretching: piercing in 1.6mm, spiral strechers in 2-3 and 4mm

Info: When I was 20 I started stretching my ears from a 1.2mm to a 4mm. I took the time to go from a 1.2 to a 1.6 and then wait two weeks. After that, I took a spiral stretcher and went to a 2mm in about two weeks after that. Then, also in two weeks, I went to a 3mm, and finally after that, I also took two weeks to get to a 4mm. This takes a while, but taking it slow is the best way since your ear will not tear because of over stretching too fast.

Tip: Don't get a pierced 4mm hole in your ear with an ear punch! This will only infect your ear and damage it in the long-term. Also, when I take out my stretchers, that close up quit fast. But when it has been punched, it will always stay a gaping hole in your ear.

5) Anti-daith piercing
Age: 22
Pain level: 7/10
Healing time: 4 months
Piercer: Hetty from Body Design Ghent
Products used for care: soap that isn't soap (baby soap) & Fucidin ointment

Info: I got my anti-daith pierced this summer and I had been looking forward to it for a while. This hurt quite a bit I must say since it's going trough cartilage. The healing was a bitch since it's not an easy to reach piercing and you have to do this with q-tips.

Tip: Not everyone will be able to get this piercing, it depends on the shape of your ears. Also, infections are very common and unless you are willing to take daily care of it for over four months, I don't suggest getting this piercing.

6) Extra lobe piercings
Age: 22
Pain level: 5/10
Healing time: 6 weeks
Piercer: Hetty from Body Design Ghent
Products used for care: Soap that isn't soap (for ex baby soap) & Fucidin ointment

Info: When I started stretching my ears, I noticed I really wanted to still be able to wear normal earrings, and then just decided to get two extra ones, next to the stretched holes. I went to a really well rated shop in Ghent, where my best friend works at the counter. Hetty is a really nice lady that really put me at ease and pierced then without any pain. I did get some infections on them, but with a bit of fucidin it got solved really fast.

Tip: If you plan on stretching your other lobe piercing, always tell the piercer that is going to put in the extra hole, that way you are sure the hole will be far enough away to stretch to the size you want without losing your second lobe piercing.

7) Stretched lobes to 8mm
Age: 22
Pain level: 5/10
Healing time: 2 months
Products used for stretching: spiral tapers from size 5mm, 6mm and 8mm

Info: After my second lobe piercings were fully healed, I decided to stretch my 4mm holes to a 8mm. First of all because I wanted pretty jewelry, and also because it's not that big. I took my time to do this and spent over two months to get to the desired size. I again used spiral tapers, and if I reached the end, just let it sit for two weeks before taking the next one. It took about three weeks to get from 4 to 5, and the same time to go from 5 to 6. Since I had to go from 6 to 8 with one spiral taper, I took about two weeks to get to the size, and then let it rest for a week before putting in a silicone 8mm heart tunnel.

Tip: Be patient when it comes to stretching. When your ear hurts, stop stretching, do it slowly, and you will have healthy ears. Also, take out your stretchers when you take a shower and clean then before putting them back in. This way you make sure you don't trap germs in your ears and get infections.

Future plans: I still have a small wishlist of body mods to get done.
- Vertical labret piercing: I want to get my lip pierced again, and once I have a job where it's allowed, I will get it done. This time, I will go for a vertical labret since that won't hurt my teeth with the jewelry.
- Tattoos: I wish my parents weren't a strict as they are, so I would finally be able to get my tattoos. I have multiple projects already drawn out, and since I was 16 I've been waiting for the moment I will finally get them done.
- Nose piercing: I also want a nose ring on one side of my nose, and maybe a septum piercing as well. But since I'm not sure when I'll get these, if I ever do, they are for now on my wishlist.

Do you have any body mods? Are you planning on getting more? What do you have on your body mod wishlist?

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  1. Ik heb oorringen en een helix piercing. Ik had een extra oorring in mijn linker oor maar heb die moeten uitdoen omdat die geïnfecteerd was... Misschien ooit nog een neuspiercing, maar helaas geneest alles redelijk traag bij me :(

    1. Spijtig dat alles zo traag geneest bij je, zelf heb ik er nooit veel last van (gelukkig)