dinsdag 2 september 2014

Mini Dresslink haul

I ordered (again) at Dresslink.com ... whoops! This time it's only a small order, but I still wanted to share with you what I think about these products.

The first thing I got is a blazer in a basic black style. It's a one size and doesn't fit me at all. That doesn't bother me, because I plan on customising it to sell in my Etsy store later on. It only cost me 3.76€ so it's a really good price. This is now available for 4.20€.


The second item is a shirt that has a cross design on the front. It is long, but I have to wear it higher. The design is really good quality, but I can't get it over my hips decently. It cost 5.66€, really cheap for such a great piece. Now this item only costs 4.98€!


And the last item is another black milk dupe, the skater skirt with skulls on it. It fits me really well altough it's a bit short. On the website it's mentioned that it only stretches to up to 80cm, but it easily goes up to 100cm and more. The price was 5.06€ and I will definately get more designs, also this item has been reduced in price to 4.59€!


My total order was 14.48€ + 5€ shipping = 19.48€. I still had some coupons available and also used those, so my total price for this order was 15.07€. I placed my order on august 15th and it arrived on september 2nd at a total of 17 days wich is really fast!

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