woensdag 10 september 2014

Having a big shoe size

In today's post I wanted to talk about what it's like to have a big shoe size, and not being able to have the shoes you want to wear. I have a size EU 43, and for a woman, that is big. Untill last year, I only could wear mens or unisex shoes, or had to go to a specialist store to get something decent.

When I walk into a regular shoe store, I don't even bother looking for the size I need, I just go up to the cashier and ask if they have female shoes in a size 43. Most of the time the answer is no, and I just leave the store.

When they have a size 43, a size that only young people tend to have, the available pairs of shoes are mostly limited to somthing your grandmother would be ashamed to wear in public. Never ever had I found a decent pair of shoes in a normal store where I live.

Fortunately, I was a tomboy while growing up, I had All Stars sneakers or other shoes that I could get at the boys section that still were a bit my style. My mother tried getting me other shoes, but failed miserably.

One day, we went to Holland and went to a specialist store in big and small shoe sizes. They had a lot of shoes in size 43, yes! Untill we saw what they had... the pretty models of shoes were in ridiculous colors and the other ones were crazy models I wil not ever put on my feet.

Last year, a new store opened not far from where I live, also specialising in large and small sizes. We went there on the opening weekend, and I finally found some decent shoes! I got a pair of classic black pumps and a pair of winter boots. I was so happy I finally had decent shoes to wear!

Then other shops started folowing, my local small shoe store, started ordering my size as well, and I found the most amazing lace up heels. I felt so happy!

So, people sometimes ask me how many shoes I have... I currently own two pairs of All Stars, one pair of Dr Martens, two pairs of platform boots (the male models), one pair of regular black heels, one pair of lace up mid calf heels, one pair of small heeled winter boots and one pair of higher heeled winter boots.

For some people this might seem like nothing at all, but to me it's amazing that I have these shoes. Unfortunately, it's still hard for me to find shoes I like, and because I wear some of these shoes almost on a daily basis, they don't last me as long.

Recently I started seeing more bigger sizes online for example on Ebay in shoes. So I have placed an order there, and hope those shoes will fit me. If they do, I will finally be able to wear the shoes I want, and not the shoes I can get in my size.

Also, huge for me, stores such as New Look have a size 43! It was impossible for me to go into H&M or other stores and look at the shoes, but New Look now have almost all models available in bigger sizes.

What shoe size do you have? Do you have any trouble finding shoes you like in your size?

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  1. Ik heb nog een 41 en gelukkig heb je nog redelijk mooie schoenen in die maat maar meestal maar 1 paar... dat is soms zo hatelijk. Ik wou in New York Nike's kopen in de solden en mijn maat was compleet uitverkocht!