woensdag 17 september 2014

Halloween Wednesday: zombie finger earrings

Hello everyone! Today will be the first Halloween Wednesday! I will show you how to make these awesome zombie finger earrings. You can also make it bigger and attach it to a necklace. Or make multiple ones and put them on a bracelet.

What you will need:
- Green fimo clay
- Black fimo clay
- Red fimo clay
- Yellow translucent fimo clay
- Fimo liquid
- Eye screw
- Earrings to attach the fingers to
- Round nose pliers
- Flat nose pliers
- Sculpting tools
- Baby whipes
- Something to protect your working surface
- Baking tray
- A baking oven
- Black acrylic paint
- Paint brush
- Water
- Varnish
Optional: latex gloves

If you don't want any fingerprints on your projects, use latex gloves.

Start by cleaning your work surface with a baby whipe, also clean your hands with it if you'r not using gloves.

The first thing you have to do is prepare your clay. I want my zombie fingers to be darker then the color green I have, so I add some black to it, and mix in well.

Once you have the color you want, roll it into a snake, then cut that snake in half. The cut off bit is where we will put in the eye screw.

Round of the ends of the two pieces of clay and bend the entire piece slightly.

Now take a tiny piece of yellow translucent clay and flatten it. This will become the finger nail. Push it into place with a dotting tool. The edges aren't meant to be neat since blood will cover it anyway.

With a needle tool, make tiny lines into the finger to make it look like an actual finger. Look at your own finger for reference.

Now it's time to gore things up. Mix a tiny bit of red fimo with fimo liquid until you have a smooth consistency.

Add some of this 'blood' around the base and edges of the nail, also add some on top where you cut will put the eye screw.

Now, push in the eye screw at the top of your finger. You can also do this before adding the blood.

When you are happy with your fingers it's time to bake them. Follow the instructions on your fimo clay for this.

After baking, let it cool down completely before continuing your project.

Now it's time to make them gross: add a tiny bit of black paint to a watered brush and gently go over the entire finger. Make the paint set in the creases you made with your tool.

When it's dry you either coat your fingers in varnish or leave them as they are.

Now it's time to add the finger to an earring or necklace. I use the ring at the base of my earrings and open it with my round nose pliers, when the finger has been added, I close the ring with my flat nose pliers.

If your finger is not facing the way you want, you can slightly twist the ring with your flat nose pliers.

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