woensdag 24 september 2014

Halloween wednesday: Creepy clown

In today's blogpost I will show you how I make a creepy clown make-up really easy. I didn't add any prosthetics or weird things to it. All the items I used will  be listed below, and there's avec a video!

For this tutorial I based myself upon the basic make-up clowns have, but then made it a lot messier, as if the clown has been wandering around for days.

Items used:
- Hair pins, hair elastic
- Stargazers white foundation
- Stagazers white pressed powder
- purple eyeshadow
- black eyeshadow
- several soft make-up brushes
- red lip liner
- red lipstick
- black lipstick
- lipstick brush
- false eyelashes
- eyelash glue
- water
- red eyeshadow

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