woensdag 6 augustus 2014

Dresslink order #2

Hi everyone! Today I wanted to talk about my second order at Dresslink.com . For those of you who don't know Dresslink, I suggest going to my first article about them: http://orphea333.blogspot.be/2014/06/dresslink-haul.html

This time I ordered 13 items, and 12 arrived. The one item I did not get was a pair of sunglasses, but I got a full refund, so that's ok.

I ordered two pairs of leggings: style 9 that has a skeleton print, and style 12 that has this Hamlet typo.
They are both of really good quality and almost long enough for me. Considering these only cost me 4.20€ each, that's a really good price.

I found this super pretty dress and loved it in it's peach color. It is a lined dress, so for only 8.51€, it's a steal. I got this in an XL, and it fits me, but I just don't like how the color looks on me.

I got a dress that is my style, a red one with black lining. This is a bodycon dress, so it fits really tight, and looks awesome. It costs only 7.33€. I got this is size L and it's just a bit tight, so make sure you check your measurements.

Because school will be starting again soon, I also got some things with longer sleeves. This shirt is awesome and the print does come out the same as on picture. It's not as long on me as it is on the model, but that doesn't bother me at all. It costs 4.39€.

I really loved my last orders printed t-shirt, but since the fabric is pure synthetic, it's not as nice to wear in summer. I got this tanktop racer back with a kitten print (style purple) and it's super comfy and nice to wear in this hot weather. It costs 5.76€ each.

Then I found this awesome flowy blouse with crosses. This is ideal for a more alternative office outfit and matching up with a plain top. It was 5.76€. I got this in an XL and it's just about right.

I also got some ear tapers since I'm stretching my ears. This set was only 2.42€ and you get 9 pairs of tapers in either black or white.

Also in accessories I got this purple waistbelt for only 2.63€. This is a great item to match up with any plain black dress and make it a statement piece. On the site is says it stretches from 60-80cm, but my waist is 85 and it stretches easily up to even 100cm.

I got one beauty product: a lipgloss that is matte. It does stick a lot on your lips so be sure to powder it off. They cost 1.32€ and stay on forever on your lips. I got the color #32.

And lastly, I got 200 black and 200 white studs for 1.54€ each set of 200. They are really easy to use and are great quality. I will be able to use these on a lot of crafting projects and designs.

If you are interested in ordering from Dresslink, please folow this link: http://www.dresslink.com/login.html?invite_customersid=210525

Here's all the links to the specific items:

the studs are currently not available anymore on their website.

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