woensdag 16 juli 2014

Subculture series: Rivetheads

Last week I forgot to post a subculture series! Whoops... Today I will talk about Rivetheads that are also know as Industrial goths.

Where do they come from?
Rivetheads or Industrial goths don't want to label themselves as goth, but they often go to the same parties and get their clothes in the same stores as goths do. They listen to industrial electro and industrial rock music, and their name comes from an early released compilation of this genre in 1993 called 'Rivet Head Culture'. This is considered te basis of their subgenre.

What do they look like?
Rivetheads wear military inspired clothing with different other styles mixed into it like punk and fetish. They also tend to have a lot of body modifications in the forms or piercings and tattoos. Their hair will be shaved of completely or they will have an undercut, sidecut or other shaved parts. You can also noitice that they will most likely wear Dr Martens or other combat type shoes, preferably with reinforced toes. Altough the men dress very covered and combat like, it's the females that have mostly short skirts and vinyl clothes, wearing high heals. They tend to wear less make-up than other goths but still keep the same dark style.

What do they listen to?
They listen to what they consider the 'real' inustrial music: SPK, The Leather Nun
Also darkwave bands that resemble an EBM sound: Wumpscut, Skinny Puppy
Or the more commercial industrial metal bands: Nine Inch Nails, KMFDM

Other things you should be aware of... 
Rivetheads can often resemble to other goth subcultures like cyber goth, military goth or even death rock. Most of them will not fully fit in the cyber subculture because they tend to wear all black and not mix in colors. And because they only wear military cargo pants and boots, they don't fully go the military goth either. I think it's important to remember that almost no one just fits into one subculture, and that's fine! It's what makes us ourselves.

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