woensdag 30 juli 2014

Getting pierced: anti-daith and lobes

Before I left to France on vacation, I got three new piercings. Since people tend to ask a lot about how painfull they are, and the care you have to give them, today I will explain how it was getting mine.

Beware: not everyone has the same pain tolerance or heals as fast/good.

I decided I wanted to get extra ear piercings a while ago, unfortunately, I was really busy and just did not get to it. Recently, I just called the piercing shop 'Body Design' in Ghent and made and appointment, knowing myself, since otherwhise I would just keep on forgetting them.

Body Design is one of the best piercings shops I know of, most of my friends get their piercings and tattoos there, and the people are really friendly. Also, the prices are super reasonable. I paid 90€ for my anti-daith and my two regular lobe piercings.

Pain level: The anti-daith was a 6/10 for me, it was more annoying than painfull, getting pierced is putting a needle through your body, so if you know what you are getting you can prepare for the few seconds of pain.
The regular lobes didn't hurt at all and I give them a 4/10. You still feel that you are getting pierced, and the getting the jewelry in is a bit hurtfull.

Healing: I got mine about three weeks ago now, and all piercings are healing just fine. I follow the instructions leaflet that I got with my piercings. The regular lobes should be fully healed within more or less a week, and the anti-daith will take about two more months. The regular lobes don't give as much wound fluid anymore (almost none) but the anti-daith still gives a lot. None of them have swollen up a lot, they just are a bit sensitive after I have just cleaned them (since I have to move the jewelry a lot).

After care: I have to clean my piercings daily with a soap that isn't soap (baby soap) and a lot of water. I just do the lobes with my fingers, and the anti-daith with a cotton swab since it's not easy to get to with my fingers. I don't play with my piercings since they are out of my line of sight which is obviously better for the healing process.

So now I have five piercings in my ears: two regular lobe piercings, two stretched holes (4mm going larger) and one anti-daith. If you have any questions about these piercings please ask in the comments below.

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