vrijdag 20 juni 2014

The goth tag

Hello everyone! In today's post I wanted to do another tag, since it's been a while. Now that I have finally changed my blog layout to something more personal and inspiring to me, I wanted to talk more about myself, and since I am goth, this tag seemed perfect!

The questions:
1. How long have you been goth?
I started just loving Metal music and black gothes before I even knew what goth was, but we can say that I've been goth since I was 15-16, so that maken 6-7 years now.

In this picture I was 15.

2. How were you introduced to goth?
When going to my first concerts (Within Temptation, Dimmu Borgir and Graspop) I noiticed some people who only had black on, with big hair and loads of eyeliner, and I just loved their style. I was only 14-15 at the time, and started talking to them asking if they belonged to a subculture such as metalheads. They told me about goth, because I had never heard of it before. When I came home, I looked up more about 'goth' and fell in love with the culture.

My first introduction to the goth subculture: at Graspop 2007 (age 15)

3. What gothic subgenre would you put yourself in?
It varies on my mood:
My clothing style varies between the cyber goth, industrial goth, military goth and traditional goth.
My music style is also between al those genres, with metal added to the mix.
You can say I am my own unique type of goth, as most of us are.

One of the first photo shoots I did, I was 17.

4. What do you believe to be the bases of the gothic subculture?
I think the goth subculture stand on music, litterature, movies and and individual clothing style.I think if you combine those, you have the bases of the subculture.

One of the first parties I ever went to: Vampire Party (age 16)

5. What do you dislike about being goth?
The reactions I sometimes get from other people. Especially on the internet people just hide behind their screens and leave negative comments. Also in school, teachers tend to jugde me on my appearance rather than on my knowledge. What I hate... I changed my clothes to a more 'normal' look, and suddenly my grades were massively better, even if I haven't changed a thing about my work or personality.

Me at school last year, being 'normal' (age 21)

6. What do you parents think of it?
I changed my style to the goth subculture when I lived at my moms, so she saw me go through the entire process. She never minded me being goth, she even helped me to know more about it: buying magazines etc. She used to be punk when she was younger, so that explains a lot. Now she just doens't want me not to get the job I love because of my personal style, so she's against piercings and tatoos. I'll get them eventually, when I have the job that allows me to, and otherwhise I will keep them hidden and 'socially acceptable'.

My dad didn't see me go through the entire process: he just saw me when I was 17 and had already dyed my hair black etc. He made a lot of comments about it, but it was more of a not understanding than a being against it point of view. He also helped me buy things online so I could have the cool things I wanted but couldn't find in actual stores.

Both of my pârents are really accepting about it, but they want me to be able to find a decent job, so they don't want me to have any visible things that I can't take out or of.

Me age 18 while participating in the Miss Metal contest.

7.Eyebrows or no eyebrows?
I have eyebrows. Why? Because I don't have the time to draw them on every day and I think it would just look weird on me. I do love the shaved eyebrows that are drawn back on, but don't think I could ever do that. Maybe some day in the future I will take the step, not sure...

Me age 22 (now) and the style I now like most.

8. What is your favorite band?
My current favorite band is Deathstars (again). I love their spooky dark metal music with electronic influences. They might not be considered goth by everyone, but I don't care!

In the video, I'm talking about Rob Zombie, that I also love! I just think he's been focusing more on making movies than music right now. He has this creepy, dark yet funny vibe around his music and art that I can get completely sucked into.

9. Your opinion on Marilyn Manson?
I think Marilyn Manson isn't especially goth, first of all, his music is more Metal. His style varies all the time and his art is just creepy. I still like the entire image he has, some of his periods have been really inspiring to me when I was younger.

I just don't like the negative vibe that's around him, because he was over mediatised and associated with crimes he had nothing to do with. When people who don't know goth talk about the subculture, they often think we are like him... and that's just offencive to goths. He did things I will not ever stand behind, but his music was great at times, and his art still is, as well as his overal immage and easthetic.

10. What were your baby bat days like?
In my baby bat days I lived in a small village in the midle of nowhere, and did not even know about goth clubs etc. I grew into the goth subculture with music, books and the website vampire freaks.

This made me able to develop my own style without getting judged by other goths, since we did not have any! At school, I was part of a small group of alternative people (metalheads, emo's, japan lovers,...) And I fit in perfectly, I felt in place with those people.

When I started going out, I already had my own style, and of course other people inspired me. But they did not make we want to completely change my style to theirs. I also knew a lot about the subculture and in conversations I wasn't seen as the baby bat at all.

One of the first pictures I have of myself in my 'goth' style, I was 14-15 I think.

Me now (age 22)

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