woensdag 4 juni 2014

Subculture series: Military Goth

Dear reader, in this week's subculture series, I wanted to talk about one of my favorite subcultures: Military Goth? Not only do they have a great specific clothing style, but they also listen to a unique type of music.

Where do they come from?
Military Goth comes from Goths that wear a more military inspired look. They take origin in the Rivetheads, punk and fetish style with a twist. By adding more marching beat inspired music, and uniform type clothing.

What do they look like?
This type of Goth wears uniform like clothes, inspired by the military. Buttoned shirts, boots and a hat make the look complete. It might even be that this Goth is proud of their work, and dress in their real life uniforms (and are in the military). Most of them aren't, they just like the esthetics of military inspired clothing and find beauty in their appearance.

What do they listen to?
They listen to bands that have a hard constant beat in their music, and sing about military related topics such as war, battles and weapons.

Some bands are:
- Feindflug: http://www.feindflug.info/
- Combichrist: http://www.combichrist.com/
- Centhron: http://www.centhron.de/
- Agonoize: http://www.centhron.de/
- Nachtmahr: http://www.nachtmahr.at/

Other things you should be aware of... 
It's not because someone wears uniforms that they support warfare, or belong to a specific army. Some bands produce their own armbands, hats and pins to resemble actual army designs. These people just like these clothes and music. They do not want to cause conflicts, and are often the kindest people you will meet, as most goths are.

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