woensdag 18 juni 2014

Subculture series: Fairy Goth

Today I will do another part of my subculture series, this time talking about of the more magical subcultures: Fairy Goth. This style is especially magnificent and outgoing, as you can recognize them immediately.

Where do they come from?
Fairy Goth is a goth style based upon fairies with a dark twist. We can see parts of Victorian Goth and Hippy styles involved, a connection with nature and a darker approach to elemental music and styles. We can find Fairy Goths especially at fantasy fairs and medieval festivals.

What do they look like?
Fairy Goth is based on fairies, so wings are essential. Flowy fabrics, combining darker colors with brighter elements, are the basis of the genre.

What do they listen to?
The typical music is an elemental melodic music, with an mysterious and eerie touches. Most of the music is instrumental and you could find it to be like what you here in Lord Of the Rings when entering the elven villages. Music by Enya is a great example of this.

Other things you should be aware of... 
It's not because a goth is wearing wings that they are Fairy Goths, it's all about trying to resemble a fairy, and connecting to their style and culture.

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