maandag 23 juni 2014

My top 10 Youtube channels

In today's blogpost I would like to share some awesome Youtube channels with you all. I have been following these people for a while and they make amazing videos of great quality!

10. The Gothic Alice

This youtuber is a goth girl who talks about her interests and crafts. I really like her style and how she explains things. Especially the movie suggestions and craft video's are what made me subscribe to her.

9. Psychara0x

Psychara is a dutch model and art student. She has a really outstanding style and often makes video's about how she does her make-up, how to attach dreads and all sorts of things she loves. I knew her from facebook at first, before I found out she had a youtube channel.

8. Klaire De Lys Art

This channel is more creative than the other ones, Klaire De Lys's video channel is an addition to her blog, with mostly video tutorials about the posts of her blog. I also really love her music and how committed she is to her own art and style.

7. Katrin Brendt

This Swedish youtuber is more about her own world and what she does. Here you can find rants about anything and nothing, as well as make-up and hair tutorials and her talking about tatoos and her clothing brand. I like how true she is to herself, and how she doesn't change for youtube.

6. Kazlovesbats

This youtuber has been in my list for a long long time already. I discovered her when I was trying to find tutorials about how to make goth clothing myself. She also has a band called Esoterik, so she's on tour lately and for that doesn't make as many video's anymore. I still think she's great, and will keep following her.

5. It's Black Friday

This is again a goth channel, but more directed to the old school gothic culture. She also has a really nice accent, that made me like her video's even more! Try her tutorials and laugh your ass off with the other rants and fun videos she makes.

4. NinkComPoop

In this channel you will find a british alternative girl with a really bright and colorful personality. I've seen her go from red to pink and now blue hair. She explains how she does it, and makes a lot of videos. I really like her hauls, since she is always honest about things, and her mail videos are so much fun! She also keeps all the drawings people make of her on the wall behind her bed.

3. Grav3yardgirl

These days Bunny Meyer aka Grav3yardgirl is getting a real know youtube personality. She is super outgoing, makes the best videos I've seen in a while and just had this thing that will make you fall in love with her personality.

2. MadeYewLook

Lex is a body paint genius that unfortunately has diabetes. She is really in to special effects make-up and awesome creatures. I think you should definitely follow her if you want inspiration, a good time and her bubbly personality on your screen. She just puts a smile on my face every time I watch her videos and makes me realise that if I have a bad day, you just got to keep going and you will be fine.

1. TezMania TV

Now my number 1! TezMania TV has been one of my all time favorite channels, she isn't as known yet as other ones might be, but you has the most amazing style, is really sweet and open about kinda everything. She has incredible style lookbooks, makes fun and easy tutorials for goths and anything my gothic heart could wish for.

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