maandag 30 juni 2014

My current body modifications

Hi everyone, today I wanted to talk about my current body modifications and why I got them, how much they hurt, etc. Since there is a lot of misunderstanding about body modifications in general, I find this very interesting to talk about.

First of all, body modifications include: piercings, tattoos, surgical changes to the body, scarifications, brandings, ear shaping, etc... Everything that changes your body from it's 'natural' shape to another one, is basically a body modification.

I currently have three mody modifications, my stretches ears and a tongue piercing. My ears are both on a 4mm hole size. Did this hurt? Not really, stretching your ears is painfull if you do it wrong. I did it with spiral shaped stretchers, and you only stretch them litle by litle, without forcing the skin and making it rip.

in this picture I have a 2mm spiral stretcher in my ear

My tongue piercing I got about two years ago from a friend who was still learning to be a piercer. She put it in really well, not piercing the tongue web (that attaches your tongue to your mouth). I was able to talk without a lisp thanks to this, and nobody noiticed I got it thanks to that. It healed really fast and the piercing didn't hurt as much either. The only problem I had, was that the bar that was originally put in, was way to big for my mouth. So I was really happy that after two weeks, I got a smaller one replacing the huge one. I never have any problems with it. I am really happy I got it.

I used to have a labret piercing but took it out because it wasn't centered the way I wanted it to be. Did this hurt? When you get the piercing, the piercer goes through your skin with a needle, I personally think this is not a painful piercing, but that's just my opinion. Would I get it again? Yes! When I move out of my parents house, I will definately get that piercing again, but then centered the right way. I took it out after having it for over a year, so It healed up perfectly, and I never had infections or other problems. I do suggest you watch out when putting in a ring, since your lip will swell up during the night, and it might get too tight on your lip and start making a cut in it. So put in a half ring or just a labret pin what will be much more comfortable.

Future plans: I will get two more piercings this summer, and when I have them, I will write a full article on them. On how much it hurt getting them, how the maintenance is etc. I will some day get tatoos as well, but I dont know when yet, since my parents are really against any body modifications.

Do you have body modifications? Would you want to get some?

XxX Orphea

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