woensdag 14 mei 2014

Subculture series : Cyber Goth

Today I want to start with a new series on my blog: the subculture series. 
Every wednesday I will talk about one specific subculture, and explain what they are all about. 

This week: Cyber Goth!

Where do they come from?

Cybergoth is a subculture that derives from elements of cyberpunk, goth, raver, and rivethead fashion. Unlike traditional goths, Cybergoths follow electronic dance music more often than rock.

The origin of Cyber Goth can be found at Slimelight in 2001 where the combination of electronic and 'normal' goth music was played. People started wearing a combination of bright and UV colors in combination with black, and voila, cyber goth was born!

This style has developed over the years and especially because of websites such as Vampirefreaks and other social networks, it has spread world wide in a short time.

Other sources then claim that the origins of cyber goth lay within the roleplaying scene, where Games Workshop made up a new style of characters for their game 'Dark Future', they were called 'Gravers' (Goth ravers).

Either one of these orginins could be true, all we know is that people started wearing bright, neon and UV colors, with black, and then added fake hair (cyberlox, dreads,...) and industrial accesories (such as goggles, masks, electronic boards,...).

What do they listen to?
Most Cyber goths listen to electro/ EBM/ industrial music, they also like Hardstyle and more rave inspired music. This has inspired a specific type of dance related to the subgenre: Industrial dance. This is made by specific movements that are repeated over and over, they have competitions, and perform in video clips.

This includes bands such as:

What do they look like?
As mentioned in the 'where do they come from' part, Cyber Goth wear mostly black and neon colors. You can even find ones that don't wear black but just colors, or white and colors.

Some typical items for cyber goths are:
- goggles: not to put on their eyes, but on their heads, as an accent to their outfit

- Hairfalls: mostly cyberlox (tubular crin) or synthetic dreads, they braid them in their hair as well or put a hairband on so their real hair doesn't show

- masks: mostly gasmasks or decorated respiratory masks, so you don't see their mouths/noses

- fishnets: they mostly combine black and a color of fishnets, but they also wear fishnet tops a lot

- fluffies: these big legwarmers made out of fake fur are a real eyecatchers and match the rest of their outfit

- platform boots: the higher the better! mostly in combination with fishnets or platform boots when they wear skirts or shorts

Full outfit of a typical Cyber Goth

Most popular Cyber goth brands are:
- Cyberdog: http://shop.cyberdog.net/index.php
- Plastic Wrap: http://www.plastikarmy.com/gear/newest-styles.html#.U3M6Yvl_tIE
- Futurstate: http://www.futurstate.com/
- Dane: http://stores.benl.ebay.be/F-U-BABY?_rdc=1

Other things you should be aware of...

Not all goths that wear colors and black are cyber goth, not everything listed here should be worn to be Cyber goth. I am not creating 'rules' I am just pointing out the obvious.

If you see a Cyber goth, don't start pulling on their hair, or touch it without asking, they put a lot of effort into looking awesome, and you should respect that!

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