woensdag 28 mei 2014

Subculture series: Corporate Goth

You know that Goth's also have jobs? Well, most of them tone down a bit to fit into this workplace environment. This style is called Corporate Goth, because you can still see their style reflected in their working apparel.

Where do they come from?
Corporate Goths are basically normal goths when they have to tone down their style for work. This results in a style that is not as striking as their normal apparel in goth fashion. Most goths that work in places with uniforms don't even stand out that much, but if you have to go and apply for a job, and you are goth, it is best not to go in full cyber outfit to that job interview. For men this is often easier then for woman, since a man in a suit can hide most of his tatoos, and him wearing just black won't be to much of a big deal.

What do they look like?
Corporate goths often wear office type clothing, but with a dark touch. They try to look as much their own as possible, within the limits of the company policy. This can be very outgoing, and still showing tatoos and piercings. But this could also include that they can't show any of those, and have to take them out. Some companies even insist on you not having an unnatural haircolor. This also means there are a lot of different types of corporate goths: some who you would hardly recognise as goths, those who you can asume they are but still dress really 'normal', and those who have clear signs that they are goth such as piercings, tattoos or unatural hair colors.

What do they listen to?
They listen to anything other type goths listen to because they are a true and unique goth underneath the layer of corporate clothes.

Other things you should be aware of... 
Not all goths that have a job will look like this, a big part of goths work as a docter, in a bank, or hospital. They just look like all the other people working there. Also, a part of them works in tatoo shops, clothing stores, record stores,... and they can dress however they want. Another part works in companys that have uniforms, and then they just look like the other employees.
Don't ever asume because someone is goth that they can't have a descent job!
Dressing Corporate Goth might sometimes be something you just have to do if you want the job you are aiming for, and if you are willing to tone down your personal style for that, that's totaly fine!
For the record, even in some universities, you have to dress 'normaly' to get the grades you deserve, and I have learned this the hard way.

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